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January 1898

Charles Town
Miss Clara Houff called and took me
in to the presbyterian church right
next door. Very pleasant liar. The fam
iliar service, and a good even on by Dr.
Hopkins - music good, particularlly Mr.
Fultoierrier. saw Mr. & Mrs. Kyde, a
young bride and groom. Mother and
Cousin Dellis did not go out and when
Cousin Pam returned from his church. he
Mother and I walked up to the Episcopal
grave yard and in to the church. Then
through the Cemetary, when we joined
Carrie Jones Ramon's grave out past the
depot, and up the hill to the new part of
the tow, went up on the porch of the
big Hotel Powhatan, and some distances
beyond that to look at the glove and other
jactorice, and buildings. Cousin Famie and
Maudr called in the ____. Jorme to go to
church with them. Had a late dinner and
no supper. Mr John Horrell and Harry
came right after dinner and a little later
Mr. John Hall much talk and monolply
Harry and I took a mier walk out to the
Irel gate via Huntire Hill, met Maude
and Annie [illegible] each a grand view
of the mountains, the gap Harpier's Ferry.
saw the snow storm over the mountain tops.
When we returned Cousin Dillis sent us
with a message [illlegible] to Cousin Ruth +
Famie Brown's. Where we heard a lecture
on nicotine! Cousin Pam, Mother and I heard Dr.
Sririthron at the Methodist church in the [illegible]

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