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February 1898

Tues. 1st
Very cold and windy

Snow drifting badly all day. Farmer's
convention postponed on account of the ex-
treme cold. Bro. C. went to Sandy Spring
to pay some insurance, and to Cousin
Joe Stabler's to dinner, where he had a
very good time. brought letter from sister
Annie and Mary - they are having a pleas-
ant time. I have been working over the
flowers and helping keep up the fires -
the pipes a little frozen but soon thawed
out. we run the fires up to full blast to
midnight. I brought some flowers into
the sitting room and burned a lamp
and stove in the conservatory. nothing
froze, though the thermometer is down to
8 (degrees) here and zero in some places.

Charles Town.

Very cold, windy and blustering. Mother
and I went to Mr. Brown's to get my
watch hand fixed. She left me and I
was to meet her at the P. O. but in my
haste I went to the wrong "Office," one of
the 13!! we called just a minute at
Cousin Fannie's, then walked up to the depot.
a bitter time. saw Hannah Howell. Miss
Letty Carey Ambler called. we talked of
books and many things. Mother and
Cousin Dellie went out. After dinner we serv-
ed till about 4. when we started out in the
wind - had a [?] time. went to Palm-
[illegible]. I bought my shirt waist - to the
China Store, and to Mr. Dave Howell's to

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