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February 1898.

lier in the afternoon. Harry came a
little after 7, and took me out to Mrs.
Jim Mason's to spend the evening, met
her husband, and his mother, and sister
Annie and Miss Hallie Alexander. Maude
and Lacy Gibson made up the party.
made caramels on the chafing-dish. (also
on the table cover.) played games, had mu-
sic and a lively time generally. Mrs. M.
was Miss Rosa Nelson, and knows the
Randolphs in Va.

[left margin:] Thurs. 3rd. Clear & very cold.

Men hauling ice, Ed went for the
mail at noon and again to Olney in
the evening to take the butter, which they
had trouble printing owing to the cold.

[left margin:]Charles Town.

Beautiful, clear, cold winter days, cards
from home. Harry came after breakfast,
and assisted Cousin Dellie and me with
our caramels, great excitement as to which
will be best. a funny time, squeezing lemons
stirring candy, cooking frozen jelly etc. We
each thought our own the better, of course.
Mrs. Mary Brooke Yates Wynkoop called, also
Maude, and Annie Mason. After dinner we
had a regular reception. Hannah H. and
Miss Haines, nice Miss Laura Mitchell, Mrs.
Mary Mason Gibson, the bride. Maude and Harry,
just for a minute and last but not least
Misses Mary Shearer and Lillie Hagley,

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