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January. 1899.

[left margin: Sun. 1. Clear. Cold.]
New Years morning was bright, clear
and beautiful. Cousin Mary and
Charlie left right after breakfast. Fa-
ther and Mother were invited to Mr. Ed.
[illegible] to dine, but it was so cold. No
track broken thru the snow, and so much
to tend at home they gave it out. Hot
water pipe froze and broke-- No one here
all day. The stars were grand at
night. Arion, Sirious, Prueyors, Mars,
and what I suppose is the the sickle in Leo,
so brilliant, and different from the warm
soft summer constillations that Mrs.
Pilling and I learned to watch and know.

[left margin: Mon. 2. Clear. Cold.]
The coldest morning this winter. The ther-
mometer 3 above here. But 10 below in Bleve.
9 at Della Brooke, and 6 at Brooke Meadow.
Agnes washed. George went home to visit for a
month, and Newman came in his place.
In the morn. Wm, I and Aunt Patti
called a few minutes after dinner. The
men were out in the woods. Ms. Joe Hort-
ton and Mr. Hiram Hobbs called to see
Father and the cattle. Quiet evening.
Jarvis children came to telephone for Ms. Diel.

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