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January. 1899.
[left margin: Thurs. 5. Rained]
Father and Mother took me to Brookeville.
called a little while, then went by Olney.
called at Fair Hill, and brought Aunt
Edith up for a visit. Uncle Jim called.
telegram came telling of cousin Henry
Russell's death, from typhoid pneu-
monia - so sad. Dr. Green &
Anna came to late dinner - talked
read and ____ in apt & Ene--

[left margin: Fri. 6. Poured. high wind at night.]
Nothing happened at home. Men
cleaned up wheat. Anna and I
went in to Miss Annie's, serwed, read
and talked. Dr. Green at home. slept
in the afternoon. quiet evening-- solitaire
Father and Mother called at Uncle Jim's

[left margin: Sat. 7. Clear. Windy.]
Up early. Father came for me, after much
anxiety, and took me to the Insurancer Office
tofold statements. Mary Magruder, Sadie
____,Jennie Staven, Rebecca Miller, at
one table. Bessie Robinson, Alice Farqu-
har, Jane Brooke, Lillie B. _____ and my-
self. the men at Jun. worked 8 hours
$1.60. did not quite finish. Men

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