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Hillsborough July 4th, 1772

Dear Sirs

Your Favour of Yesterday I recd. by Capt. Burford and observe the Contents; I have apply'd to the Doctor, he says nothing better can be sent than what he gave you for the Negro Wench, and that you must proceed as he directed, tho' by the Beaver you'll received a small box of Salve which you may make a plaster of, instead of that you have, but he assures me either is equally good. He further says that you ought to examine if there are any ulcers about her Privates or any other part of her Body, if there are her disorder may not be what he imagins it. I have sent a dose of Ipochocuana for Bet which please to give her with orders how to take it. After which the annexed rect. must be observed which will doubtless cure her if nothing else is the matter, is it not the old Complaint. we have no news here, the Governor is slightly indisposed with alax something like the Flux, but Dr. Colman has given him some medicines to relieve the Complaint. Mrs. Martin is got well & the rest of the Family all hearty. Mr. Burford did not see his Excellency Mr. Nash said it was needless to apply for that the Commission was made out for Coll. Bullock.


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I informed the Capt. exactly the part I acted, with which he seemed to be satisfied & thankfull. Messrs. Nash & Sitteral writes by this opportunity for a Backload from Petersburg by return of your waggon, pray send for some ingredients for Bitters. Our Sher. affair is not yet determined but will be this afternoon if Mr. Hogan comes to Town as expected, 'tis thought Capt. Lytle will be the man. In great haste I am Dr. Sir. Yr. Real Friend

Wm. Johnston

NB Take a full handful of the Herb Hoarhound & boil it in half a pint of Rum 'till one half is disolved, then strain of & give it to Bet warm immediately as the cold fit is coming on, with orders not to ly down, but stir about if possible I shall be with you next week - W. J.

in the mean time order the overseer to have the oates secured.

P.S. It would be necessary to write Mr. Stabler, that if the things wrote for by Nash & Sitteral cannot be furnished not to let the waggon come back empty. W. J.

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To Mr Rich. Bennehan Mercht. Snowhill

By Capt. Burford

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Hillsborough July 9th 1772

My Dear Sir

I was favoured with your Letter by Mr. Pritchet for which I sincerely thank you. I am as much surprised as you can be at the overseers proceedings; Pray my good Sir show him the Articles of agreemt. & tell him I am determined to make him finish the Crop or find a person who is capable of doing it, as presume he can give no sufficient reason for leaving the employ at this season of the year.

Inclosed is a letter from E. S. refer you to the Contents. I understand he has had the misfortune to lose 40 h'hds Rum & £400- in Cash on Board a Vessel from Philadelphia stranded on the Carolina cost, my intelligence was from Coll. Hart & am affraid it is too true, I was heartily sorry for such a capital Loss, tho I hope it will not effect Mr. Stabler's circumstances so as to reduce him to any inconvenience. I intend to be with you in a few days, in the Interim Major Bullock will inform you of the Cunt. news. (observe Capt Lytle is sheriff) nothing further occurs at present but that I am with real regard & esteem - Dr. Sir

Yr. obliged Friend

Wm Johnston

Please to forward the Inclosed Letter

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To Mr Richard Bennehan Mercht. Snowhill

By favor of Major Bullock }

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