Greensboro Ala Dec 30th. 1865
Mr P C Cameron
My dear- In accordance with [illegible] [outstanding?]
had with Mr Collins [new?] son-in-law
while here- I have shipped seventy [bales?] of [illegible?]
-to Collins William Stewart [illegible] Mobile- and have
instructed them to sell as soon as they can do so advantageously-
wait [illegible] [first?] [illegible] live market. [illegible] all at [illegible] about 48 [cents?] each for [illegible] in that market. & with- not having actually [illegible] Collins, be leave it to be above that wait [illegible] & [illegible] he can get for it 50 cents for lb. when sold I have instructed him to forward proceeds to you
by draft [illegible]. [illegible] You and Mr Collins both succeed [illegible] to
realize about what that number of bales will bring & I know of no way in which it can be [illegible] so safely and [expeditiously?]- I paid B [illegible] in November
[last?] 18h.70 [illegible] & bagging not by [illegible], for you - loaned Mr Collins
200 dolls & [paid?] [illegible] new Freedmen 192.50- making in all 578.20.
[illegible] which [illegible[ I have drawn one Mr Stewart who this draft has not
as yet gone forward- Mr Collins was shipped on a [illegible]

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