Hillsboro. N. C. Dec. 20th 1865

To all whom it may concern. I Paul C. Cameron
of Orange Co. No. Ca. have placed my son in law
Major [Name] P. [Col?] state of Washington Co
in this State. in the position [?] and [run?]
of my planation in Tunica Co in the State
of Mississippi to cultivate & [?] as he likes
best but to continue in preparation as a [t?] at
my will & [?]- He is [de?] with all
[to?] State County district or federal now
due or that may become due [shift?] he is in
the possession of the land- this tract of land
in Tunica Co Miss [Co?] and adjoining
the land of Major Winston W. I. [Watting?]]
& others continuing the [la?] we [?] by we
your Wd. [?] late & Col. [B?] [?]
3 sections & a half of land-

Paul C. Cameron
C [R?]

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