over Savannah. Externally the city is the same; but the iron has
entered its soul, its whole social organisation has been subverted,
and to all intents and purposes it is a new place. Its rich have
become poor, and new aspirants for wealth and honor rise upon the
ruins of its ancient inhabitants. Liberty has been suddenly thrust upon
an ignorant and inferior race, and reveling in the exemption from labor,
which they construe freedom to mean, they have thrown off their old
habits of subordination and industry, and brought discord and trouble
into every household. No tints of promise irradiate the sombre futures
ruin, or at best a painful struggle up the heights of adversity, is the
dark prospect that oppresses the hearts of our unhappy people.

I have not yet recovered from the stunning effect of mingled
surprise and grief caused by the sudden prostration of our cause. The
noble structure we had reared was leveled like a house of cards. Unfortunately
the war was, in its origin, essentially a struggle for the
rights of property, and for a species of property in which a large
mass of our people were not practically interested. While the elevated
by birth or education have contended against fearful odds with a constancy
and heroism never surpassed, large numbers withdrew their support
when privation and calamity kept even pace with the struggle. A nation
of republican Anglo Saxons will not at this day perish for an abstract
right. But impartial history will record that the starry cross of the
South was never lowered until a hostile vessel barred every river and
inlet on her coast, until her depots had been destroyed, her means of

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