communication broken up, her finances prostrated, her Brigades
reduced to Regiments, her Regiments to Squads, while the wide world
swelled the ranks of her enemies, and the slaves she nourished in her
bosom were converted into her foes. Victory perched upon her banners
as long as a semblance of equality presided over the struggle.

For myself, I should thank God that I have been spared to my wife
and child, my true consolation is that during the long strife I endeavored
faithfully to do my duty, and that no act of mine has helped
to hasten the calamitous end. I can only summon all the fortitude I
possess to sustain me in these trying hours, and await with calmness
the issues of the future. I am chained by my present circumstances to
the unhappy place where God has cast my lot. Enough for me to recognise
the fact that our cause is overthrown, and that while I continue to
live here I must obey the laws of the dominant power. At present I
see no future for the South; all is dark, and Hope itself seems to
have abandoned my unhappy section. That mighty section, whose immense
development of power has prostrated us into the dust, exhibits no signs
of returning generosity: while magna[ni]mity would so adorn it, it
robes itself in the black garments of revenge, and is heard only in
the thunders of its wrath. It has loaded our illustrious chief magistrate
with chains and insults; it has subjected his helpless family to
suffering and contumely; it has set a price upon the heads of our
leaders, and hunted them down like wild beasts; ruin and humiliation
are the terms it offers to our stricken people. Its proud Eagle, after
completing its triumphal flight, whets its beak to lacerate a prostrate

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