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Davidson County
Circuit Court Clark's recpts

Rec'd June 4 1838 of N. Porter, Shff of Maury County, Six
hundred & four Dollars in full of the principal intrest and Court
costs of an Execution in favour of E.H. Childress, recovered in the
Circuit Court of Davidson County the 30 of May, 1837 - against
William E. Hill
R.D.Turner, Clerk

Rec'd June 4th. 1838 of N. Porter, Shff, by the hands of Thos.
Bradshaw the following executions together with the several sums of
money mentioned (towit)

No 346 (State vs J.D. Alderson & Cabal fine and Supreme)
(Court costs (Clerk recpt of fifa for Circuit Court) 44.63

253 (J.Legion adms vs M.Hilton Supreme costs -)
(the circuit court recpt on fifa his costs) 22.37

252 (J. Legoson adms vs Saml Peak Sup cost)
(Circuit Court Clerk recpt on fifa his costs) 29.37

257 (L.P. Cheatham vs Wm. B. Alderson Supr. costs)
(Circuit Court Clerk & County Court Clk recpt) 17.62
(and plaintiff att recpt for Debt on fifa)

334 (Permelia London vs John and Amous London Sup C)
(Chancery Court Clerk recpt of Execr.) 5.37

$ 119.37

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