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& go off some way or other

1864 Tu 27 Decr
John shot / oxen / Robing / J. W. B. Thomas / Croxton & A.J. Smith

This morning it is cloudy & has rained a little all day. We
have been anoyed by the soldiers verry much all around and all
over the plantation. Will Henry shot John Quarles boy in the
Neck, he went to Dr Akins & had the bullet got out, it is said
to be an accident. I suppose it was the soldiers took off our
oxen, I followed them to Maxwells, we got back the white one,
but did not get the read one. We got the red one next day, paid
Caleb $5,00 to get him. The soldiers are hunting all over the
Country, taking all the meat out of the Smoke houses far & near
& every thing they can git of white & black. They are paying
there respects to J. W. B. Thomas in particular.
The theaving core Genl A. J. Smith left for the South to day
May God spare us of the company of his & Genl Croxtons armey,
they are the balckest vilest robbers I ever heard of. O that
they may git there just rewards.

Wed 28 / Cold /Robing / Guards
The wind in changing to the N. West, & turning cold & clearing
off. Considerable raiding & robing all round this morning, they
seem to pass out West & return with considerable quantity of
bacon, Oats, chickens, &c. They appear to go from the time they
are gone 2 or 3 miles. One of our Guards, Kiby Hibby, does
tolerable well, the other tow, W. Perkins, & James Wilson, is
not worth one cent, worse than nothing. I wish they were gone,
but I am a fraid to make them mad. They keep themselves sick

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