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/ Provost & Command halling wood / West George Plum

of the post. Sandford & Wash, Caleb & Jake is halling wood,
& will pay me the one half, they have two wagons engaged
little George West & Plum is halling with the Steers, they
wagon & Steers was pressed & did not get home until after
dark. Saul & the boys were together, it rained late in the
evening, and snowed after dark

1864 Decr Sat 31
Westly Dew Newton Dew Whitfied Neely / Col Orr / Provost / Col McCoy

This morning the ground is covered with snow, the wind from the
N.W. Cold. We are trying to get wood & something to eat. I
went to Town with Westly Dew & Whitfield Neely to get there
matters arranged as conscripts, they having got away from the
Southern Army & come home. Newton Dew went to bring his
father to Town. I got a pass for all three and they went home
to return Tuesday. It was extremely cold as we went to Town.
I got home late in the evening. There is a change of the Command
at Town from Col. Orr to the command of Col. McKoy. I am sorry
for the change I think Col Orr was conducting things to the
satisfaction of all. We have been getting wood all day it is
so verry cold, done but little. The wind is N. & W. the new moon
& big star a little cast of it looks verry pretty, it Clear Cold
This is the last day of the week, this last day of the month,
& the last day of the year. What a terable year this has been
while I am here.

Decr 1861
General Croxton campt in my year & premises 24 & 25

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