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1865 Jany 1st. / sun / Weather / Guards / William & self / Camps / letter W J Porter & Jack / Fox / Black Mules came from hen house /

This morning is extremely cold every thing frose up The Wind
is from the North and clear. Our Guards, Kibby & Taylor, are
verry well behaved Men, seems to wish to do as near right as
they can. They occupy the office in the yard & keeps a fire
& sleeps there. William is better yesterday & this morning
I am in only tolerable health, rested not so well last night
There are not less than 20,000 soldiers campt between Town &
my penn in my lott, doing all the devilment they can invent. -
They seem to go into Winter quarters. We go a letter from
W. J. Porter dated 19th Decr says Jack is there & well. A
gray Fox was seen run under our passage between the house &
kitchen yesterday & again today (What is the Omen.) the dogs
dont seem to notice it William shot & killed the fox 10 1/2
oclock as it came out from under the floore it had a strap
buckled around its neck, it was ketching the chickens ever

After dinner I had taken the black Mule that Genl Fetherson
give no braught & put in the hen house, the shoe taken off
his sore foot & washed his foot with Doct Wm Browns cure
it is what is commonly called the run round or verry case of
scratches, which the Dr says this medicine will cure either.

/ recpt of run round or scratches /
One Ounce of Blue Stone disolved in about one pint of
Vinegar. After washing well with soap suds apply the medicine,
do this two or three times a day. I think twist a day is often

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