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stayed all night

Mon 9 / Milk Jars / paper envelopes stamps / rails

It rained during the night & still raining this morning the
clouds & rain is from the East. I went to Town got 3 Milk
Jarrs $1.75 Thomas went also & came back with me got one quire
of paper 50 & 24 stamps 70 & 24 envelopes 25 & come home
through the rain No particular news. The wagons are still
halling off our rails to Town

1865 Jany Tu 10 / Thomas L. & Willa / News / planted Peach seed / fine peaches / Muskets / Weather

It has rained off & on all night & still drisling rain this
morning the Wind is from the South and quite warm. This
morning Thomas & Willa left for Big bigby. Jack Patton did
not hall wood yesterday for fear of being pressed in Town
News yesterday that many troops are coming back from Pulaski
& will be here today
I planted two & a piece roes of peach seed adjoining, and North
of the rows that were planted 18 months ago in the garden
adjoining the Shelott patch these seed are from the verry
finest kind of peaches, some are free Stone and some plumb peaches
Preston brough seven broken Muskets from the camps where the
Secosh Army was campt they are all smashed up We have put
them in the cook house Were left by the rebles they are no account
It is turning cold at night the Wind is in the North West

Wed 11 / Weather / Guard
The Wind is from the North & West and verry cold (the ground
is frose) Cloudy, looks likely to snow, but too cold.
Our Guard (Crider) seems to be tolerable well satisfyed, getting

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