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/ Dillon Jones Porter /
It cleared off and a pretty day at 12 oclock
I got a note from N. W. Jones to go to Town late in the even-
ing, I went. It was upon business on buying out Mr Dillons
Store. It was thought advisable to do it, so it is for Thomas
L. Porter & Henry Jones

Mon 27 / horses U. S. /
The morning is spring like & moderated I went to Town
Maryan was there trying to get some protection for her person
& property We heare of a good many Roberies & attempts to rob
in different parts of the County. Notgrass, Wright, Tronsdale,
Col Gillespie, 2 Wilchers, & others. The soldiers are gathering
up all the horses that are branded U. S. & more too, they are
finding a greate many by there slight of hand & taking them.

1865 Feby Tu 28th
boys work / Caleb / Green & George / Jones N. W. Dillon
This is a very beautiful morning The air is moving gently
from the North Clear & Spring like. The wild Gees, some of
them, passed back to the North on Saturday the 25 Inst. Indication,
the Winter is over. The boys that have agreed to work is doing
a little, building Caleb a house to live in, he having concluded
to rent of portion of the field next Jaggers.
I went to Town & tryed to get Greens & Georges business
stratened up for there work upon the fortification last Summer.
Jones, N. W. Telegraphed to W. B. Wilson from Nashville to know
if I would take Dillons goods in Columbia I answered, "No, I
did not know the cost or the payments"

Wed 1st March / William
I stayed at home all day Verry moderate weather Wind E.
Caleb & Green is making Caleb a house some the rest with
Jack Patton is halling rails doing but little.
William is complaining of his back & cant eat, not well. Margaret

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