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This morning about the time all was starting to work it
commenced raining tolerable hard. I went to Tom Maryann
came, and William came with her. Create many people in Town
News of the surrender of Johnson to [Grant?] upon the same [terms?]
of Lees surrender. Booth the murder of Lincon was captured
[&?] killed The Circut Court with Judge [Walker?] will hold forth

It is now pretty well understood the Southern Confederacy has
gone up & peace of some sort either for [Weil?] or for Woe will
take place shortly With many aking hearts for the loss of there
friends & there all. We will sit down & morn in the Sack Cloathes
& ashes for many days, Weeks, Months & years to come.
Sorrel More frilly Colt last night

The morning is cold & cloudt The Hoopong Cough is [amonast?]
oour little Negroes Some of them bad off William, Mag & me
eat the last of all our apples We [kept?] them through difficulty
until to day

The Circuit Court Set to day Judge [Wallcer?] presided William
[B.] Wilson was swore in as Clerk. The County Court also set to
day the Grand Jury was [emponaled] & sworn I went to Tom J. S.
Harris Dr A. Brown & myself was W. B. Wilson security on his
[Clerks] bonds.

[Saul?] left gone sever days ago (at [Bennets?])
I went to Twon a verry dull day No verry particular news

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This text was in the margins, and I wasn't sure how to format it above:

Sat 29
Morning rain
[Gen2?] Johnson
Booth killed
Circuit Court

peace O
how welcomb

William came
home from

Sun 30

the last

Mon 1st
Circuit &

Tues 2d