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Command has all gone except Devenport he is to stay until
another is appointed to the command Freedmens bureco

Th 7 / Court / On the Jury / Sweet
The Circuit Court still in Session tryed a Civil suit
Henderson Jas vs Hendersons Admrs. $2600. dollars damages.
Many cases before the Freedmans bureau for investigation
fining Some imprisoning others for disputes amonst the
Citizens & Negroes. Sweet sick some thing like Chicken pox
(but verry bad off) or small pox

Fri 8. / George /
I went to Town was on the Jury No more States cases
taken up Our hands doing but little all quit this evening
working George fixed up cooking stove & I paid him $2.00

Sat 9 / Sweet /
I stayed at home all day Nothing doing Sweet right bad
off, broke out this morning commenced breaking out late
yesterday evening the 7th White blisters

Sun 10 / Vaughn / Pulaskie
Newton Vaughn came to my house early & prevailed upon me to go to
Pulaskie to see if any thing could be done in getting back
his securitys money.
I went by the way of the Cars to Pulaskie put up at the
Tennessee house A heavy rain. Went in the evening to see Col
Mix & agreed to meet the next day at 8

1865 Sept Mon 11
We met this morning Col Mix his Judge Advocate John A.
Jackson & my self in the Court house in Pulaskie & settled our
afairs they paying me the $1000.00 that was left with them

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