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taken verry well by the more Conservative portion of the
people The radicals cant stomick it & the reporters are from
every appearance much creasefallen & much dishartened There
Negro soldiers are some what cresse fallen too from appearance.
Sun 17 William & Mag went off in the Bugga I suppose to Hosting
it is 12 oclock and every appearance of ruin thundring at
intervals It rained South & East not much here
Hon Brick 18 It rained last night I went to Looneys this morning to see
Brick if there were much more brick, & found we have not halled the
forth of them, there are at least 20,000 there yet. I bought
Baskets $3.00 6 Cotton baskets at 50 Cents each. I told the boy Eli, formerly
belonging to E. Caruthers, to leave and go right off & he took
me at my word, he was verry finely dress like he was ready
to go into the ball room &c has find suit of Cloth close
must have cost not less than $100. hot boots & fine shirt
Boys Work all in perportion Said he came to see the folks, but he left
soon halled 7 loads of Bricks
1865 Sept 19 Tu The last night was quite cool Wind from the North & East
almost frost quite a change
picking out Cotton We commenced this morning picking out our Cotton Webb, Richd
West & Flin & Aleck. (Sweet is still mending)
Sweet like the small pox Sweet is better the broke out like it might be the small
pox She was brought home sick soon fever, pain & skin all

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