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Wed 27 I went to Town saw Maryann there Kisser did not git from

Maryann Nashville as was agreed upon, herd that Hamilton had sold

Maryanns Cotton, & deposited the money in a house in New

York. No particular news

Th 28 William & Mag has gone to Town All hands are picking out

William & Mag) Cotton & getting along verry slow. News Jesse S. Harris appointed

J. S. Harris ) Agt Fredmans Bureau Harris went except. Dougherty appointed
Dougherty )
Post Master in place of J. D. Moore

1865 It has turned verry considerable cooler last night Wind
Sept )
Fr 29 ) from the North East. Puss is complaining.

I think Puss & her little child is both out of danger &

Small pox &c) Sweet is much better I think they are getting well the rest,

Lorra, Clary & Felix has not taken the disease & I dont think

Small pox ) they will, as the disease has been there from the 5th Sept

(Sweet) I think all is getting well It appears to be verry

mild cases of small pox, or verry bad cases of Chicken pox.

I am Inclined to think it Chicken pox It comes on with the

usual simptoms of small pox the 3d or 4th day it breaks out

in blisters & bumps over the face & body with high fevers which

lasts about 10 days, the blisters dryes up & leaves but little

or no marks when the fever abates. Some time they are verry

much troubled with sore throat & fevers for several days. It

was about 10 days after the 1st case before the next two cases

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