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Mon 9 I sent Press to the Steam Mill on fountain Creek Coffees

Mill & Meal ) two horse Wagon with about 12 bushels of new Corn got it all (12 bush) ground and got home 1 1/2 oclock We are trying to get our hay balled to the potato house & some are picking out otton
halled 4 loads 16 shock Plin & Webb
Tues 10 I went Town got 24 lbs of Nales (16 lbs Tens & 8 of 8
Nales $3.00 ) penny) paid, got a midling of Bacon 27 Cents pr lb it cost
Meet &9.50 ) &9.50.

The Legislature passed a resolution condemning President
Johnsons course favoring the South (in the Confederacy)
Arnell is quite Radical

Wed 11 William & Mag went to Town in the Bugga Press is trying to
Press git some boards Tom (Coloured) /is working with him/. I stayed at home all day

Th 12 I went to Town in the evening Press & Tom got some boards Press & Tom No particular news Verry dry & sultry Some appearance of Rain The hands picked out more Cotton than any other day

Fr 13 It rained a little at day light Web & Plim went to Town
after the 2 horse Wagon The Blacksmith cut the tyer, & Will bring back some beef with them 50 lbs $5.00
beef $5.00
Press & Tom )

All hands picking out Cotton Preston & Tom is patching up the roof of the potato house It rained a verry heavy rain ) rain about 12 oclock

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