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Sat 14 I made a settlement with Tom (Coloured) for all his Hay &

work on the potato house & making boards & paid him up all I

$3.20 owe him $3.20 for Hay &c. I went to Town in the evening A

Negroes ) greate many Negroes & some excitement between the Negro soldiers
passing )
& some Citizens report says a Negro soldier & a White man was

William killed William went to Mariah Camp Meeting
There is no particular news The excitement in Town Saturday
Sun 15 was this man Miller that killed Brigs last year he was in

Miller D. Custody of the Civil Authorities for Robery & was released from

the Civil Authorities & set at liberty. As soon as the black

soldiers found it out they mounted therfe horses with there
Wed 1st Novr ) guns and the last was heard of them they were a short distance
behind under whip at Mrs Youngs swearing they would kill

him This was late Saturday evening & I have heard nothing
more since ( When I came home last evening there was some
Hogg ) )
killed ) excitement about some of the Blacks having killed a hog one

that was raised in my yard it had went off some 2 weeks ago

Claimed by ) & some one had marked the shoat & it came back home The blacks
Jaggers )
knew it I suppose concluded it should not go back & they

report is they butchered it. Jaggers seems to claim the shoat

says it was in his mark I reckon he ought to know who marked it

Mon 16 It is quite cool Some frost this morning We have started

Aleck all our Cotton pickers except Aleck who is sick in Town

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