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out to this place in the October before & brought our little

Stock of Cattle & went back & Helpt the family move to Duck

river. My father had been living in Davidson County North

side of Cumberland River near Nashville up-to-that-time All

had great work

Mag Puss & ) Yesterday at dinner Mag & Puss went to Town friday & coming
the bog Owl )
home they ancountered a terable horned owl The feathered one

retreated after a hard struggle & fight into a hollow root of

a large Oke near to Mr Rankins pawn they stopt him up & came

for help Men & boys repaired forth with for another fight

in the succes? of the attacting party all over & like the mountain

in labour out crept a screech owl. The victory was verry greate.
Jany ) The weather has turned quite warm and this morning the Wind
Mon 14 )
is changing from the S.W. to the N.West & turning cold It

Rain commenced Raining slowly this morning & is getting to rain faster.

It has rained but verry little for a month. We Cleared out
Shelling )
Machine ) the passage in the Corn Crib this morning & carried & fixed up

our Shelling Machine there, took it out of the potato house &

shelled a bag of Corn this morning. I paid off Webb Wilks the

Webb paid ) ballence what I owed him $8.35 Cents See Recpt upon his Act.
off $8.35 )
in the Book.

David B raden ) I mailed a letter dated 9th Jany directed to David Braden
Indian opoles )
Indianopoles Ind inquiring the whereabouts of Jno M. Moore

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