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This is made at 30 days pr month with Spencer

George Senr. Got a voucher for $21.66 Cents it was for

work done on the fortification from the 21st Novr to the

30th Novr 1864 He shaved it off to James Beard for $17.22

he got the Money March the 1865 (See Memorandum in desk

file) Sedgwick Qr M. signed.
I got a voucher for George 18 March 1865 for $43.33 his work

on the fortification from the 1st of Novr 1864 to the 21st

Novr 1864 - Signed by William Qr M.

I give to George the last mentioned voucher of $43.33 March

22nd 1865, present B. W. Porter George shaved this last

voucher off at $25. per cent off March 23 1865
Will Henry came in on Monday morning & agreed to work at $12.

per month as expressed on first page March 20th 1865 he

commences to day

Cr May 6 $5.00 he worked March 9 days
" half lode of wood) Apl 16 "
the 12 May ) 1.50 May 22 "
20 May 2.00 47
8 June (Circus) 5.00 at $.40 pr day 40
13.50 18.40
Credits ------- 13.50
(June 8th 1865) $4.90

Alfred agrees to work at $12. per month according to agreement

expressed upon the 1st page & commences on Tuesday the 21st

March 1865. Alfred run off a few days after did not work any

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