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William William went to Giles? Saturday morning has not yet returned.

Bird Old Bird the faithful old pointer is declining verry fast

cannot survive but a day or two longer he is going off with

old age, he is about 13 years of age I went to Town after

dinner got $1.00 worth of Candles & a rope $.50 Thomas L.

T. L. Porter came & stayed all night on his rode to Nashville (9 1/2 oclock

Wm at night & William has not yet) come home. We have been look-

ing for him this evening. No particular news I got no papers --

Bird ) Old Bird died Monday night the 16 & we burried him near to
Died )
where we buried his Mother (Old Mat) Near the North West corner
of the old Orchard, the next day after he died. ( Birk Esqr
brought the double barrell Shot gun to Town for me I got it,

Shot Gun ) it is the gun that Doct Giles T. Harriss stole out of Andersons
J. T. Harris )
house last Novr I had started a prosecution before Harris

would give it up, he sent it by Burk --
October ) The morning is very Cloudy & like it might Rain before night.
Tu 17 )
My 3 hogs got out of the field and went back to Rankins

Hogs Quartter near Estess. I sent this m orning & got them home &

have fixed a strong pen adjoining the Cook house & have put

rain them in it They are looking verry well has been raining a

little all day & we have not done but little in the way of

William home picking out Cotton. William got home to day sbout 2 oclock P. M.

Wed 18 It rained a little enough to keep them from picking out