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danger of soldiers / Margaret / home made Abolitions

but that was the last of it. I think they will come and do me harm & I have went & told the Col so & he told me if they done so to kill them and he would stand between me and danger. (Margaret has not yet returned) Went Sunday 12th There was a greate many people in Town It had been understood that Arnal, Frierson & Gilmore would speak to day but they did not. Hughes is trying to excuse himself for having favored the abolitions of the North but he wont be able to do so he is guilty all over. Jno Beard, John Mayes, Burnion Frierson, Gilmore Arnell & others, all guilty Will Hughes

1865 Feby Sun 19 Self & William / Soldiers & greate trouble / distress / Betsy Paton / Cake

A clear & frosty morning quite calm looks like being fair weather. I did not rest well after yesterday's excitement & William is unwell bad cold and complains of his back a good deal. No one with us, we have it all our own way as much as we can but it is a bad chance. We have had greate trouble again through the last week with the soldiers around us. If there was any place that we could go to to get clear of our greate troubles & misfortunes I would agree to go any where to live in any kind of government that would stop our troubles & the impositions that are every day heaped upon us. O for a Change Some way I feel like agreeing to any thing to stop the War. Betsy Payton came & eat dinner & went on to Wm Dew Jur. She tells of considerable distress & trouble in Masouri. William baked a pound cake. So Wm. says, but I have not got to see it yet

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-43Martin Nance came in the evening Stayed all night, left next morning

Mon 20 Green $4 / fixing up the fence / Maryann / Thomas L. bond & security to Maryann / provost Denison This is a pretty Spring like morning A frost & the ground a little frose Green came in this morning bringing $9.00 give it to me but I give him back $5.00 leaving $4.00 that I kept. The boys are putting up the turnip patch fence this morning I went to Town Maryann brought up the 2 Confed Officers & they were payroled giving James Webster & David McFalls security. Mary give a check on W. J. Porter to Thomas L. Porter for $3,000 o buy goods in Cincinnati. James Webster & myself was Thomass security on his bond. The provost Denison has left & [gap] in his place

Tues 21 This morning is cloudy Wind from the S. looking like to rain I went to Town Some excitement about the Election upon "ratification" or "rejection" of the amendment of the Constitution that is to be held tomorrow, 22d Feby John A. Campbell is here to hold the Election says they will not ask any one to take the oath but will permit all to vote without it. Brooks is making himself verry busy with Campbell

1865 Feby Wed 22 The Wind high all night from the east Commenced raining slowly this morning about day light quite a gloomy morning, as the the heavens were in morning and trouble. This day the Election

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-44Constitution Election / Widows & orphans / hard rain 12 oclock / Canons firing Washingtons birth day / Vote / Marys infant Died / apples good

"ratification" or "rejection" of the amendment to the Constitution takes place Many widows and orphans will have occasion (probably) to mourn the loss of there all, but if providence wills it to be so, who should complain. - We hear the Canons firing at Columbia in commendation of Washingtons birth day greate excitement in Town threats are making against all those that dont Vote to day in the election for the amended Constitution Many through fear will knock under, and vote for to git protection, that would disdain to do so if they did not fully believe there personal safety required it. Poore fools. (Marys Child Died) it has been sick some time Ericiphilas or something like it. We sorted the good from rotten Apples to day We have some fifteen bushels, sound ones. They are realy a luxury for they are the Halls Sedling & the limber twig and good indeed I stayed at home it rained all day -

Th 23 Stayed at home rain / rain / Mag And still it rains, this morning, has rained all night The ground is in a flood of watter. Dark and cloudy morning. I stayed at home all day it rained hard all day until late at night Nothing new Margaret not returned

24 Friday / Thomas I met Thomas in Town on his way to Cincinnati he got off in an Abortantia the rail rode Bridges across Duck river Rutherfords Creek Carlins Creek and so far as heard from, is

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Bridges all washed away to Nashville last night & yesterday / Mare took out the Buga shaved / all washed away It will be verry difecult for him to make his way to Nashville he went in company with Dr Toler Capt Black & some others they expected to walk a good part of the rode to Nashville. My Mare (Jack Pattons) was taken out of the Buga shaved I found her in the evening U S on her shoulder McGows stable

1865 Feby Sat 25 U.S. Drs Brown Frierson & others / Jack / Harris / Shave / It is still raining high Wind from the East has rained nearly all night & Thundered & lightend through the night verry dark & cloudy I rested badly through the last night having brok my self down runing about over town hunting my buga Mare yesterday in Town I got her, shaved, & U.S. was plain to be seen on her shoulder. I am clearly of opinion that it was put there by some Kimacle process. On yesterday Docts Browns Friersons & others examined it & all of them thinks so too. After dinner I Went to Town delivered up the Mare to the Scoundrel that shaved her shoulder Jack Porter took her & delivered her over. I drove Bill Mule to Town Saul went with me. Alfred Harrison & another man put up there horses at McGows stable They were both shaved & U.S. found on there shoulders It is put on with Costick & Nitrick assit of Silver, so says the Doctors

Sun 26 The Wind shifted last night to the West, this morning to the N. W. & is turning cold, is cloudy looks like falling weather this morning.

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-46/ Dillon Jones Porter / It cleared off and a pretty day at 12 oclock I got a note from N. W. Jones to go to Town late in the evening, I went. It was upon business on buying out Mr Dillons Store. It was thought advisable to do it, so it is for Thomas L. Porter & Henry Jones

Mon 27 / horses U. S. / The morning is spring like & moderated I went to Town Maryan was there trying to get some protection for her person & property We heare of a good many Roberies & attempts to rob in different parts of the County. Notgrass, Wright, Tronsdale, Col Gillespie, 2 Wilchers, & others. The soldiers are gathering up all the horses that are branded U. S. & more too, they are finding a greate many by there slight of hand & taking them.

1865 Feby Tu 28th boys work / Caleb / Green & George / Jones N. W. Dillon This is a very beautiful morning The air is moving gently from the North Clear & Spring like. The wild Gees, some of them, passed back to the North on Saturday the 25 Inst. Indication, the Winter is over. The boys that have agreed to work is doing a little, building Caleb a house to live in, he having concluded to rent of portion of the field next Jaggers. I went to Town & tryed to get Greens & Georges business stratened up for there work upon the fortification last Summer. Jones, N. W. Telegraphed to W. B. Wilson from Nashville to know if I would take Dillons goods in Columbia I answered, "No, I did not know the cost or the payments"

Wed 1st March / William I stayed at home all day Verry moderate weather Wind E. Caleb & Green is making Caleb a house some the rest with Jack Patton is halling rails doing but little. William is complaining of his back & cant eat, not well. Margaret

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