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Mag. / has not got back

Thur 2d March / Self / Thomas / rain / Wagon stolen / Bugga mended / Mag This morning it is raining and the Wind is high from the East & quite warm I did not rest well all night. We heard of Thomas going on to Nashville I suppose he has made his way through It is raining so there can nothing be done in the working line The Wagon left at the Spring by the Southern Army was taken off last night towards Town through the rain taken by our own blacks I have no doubt, for it is the blacks that are doing the most of the stealing at this time It is still raining all this day and verry hard at that. Williams & Green mended my Bugga that the Negroes broke last Saturday night, took them all day to do it, & they worked hard to finish it. Mag not come back

1865 March Fr 3d / raining Insesently Greate fresh / No news / I stayed at home / Wm. It is still raining this morning it has rained all night & night before last, all, all day yesterday and all night last night, & still raining, & has and is raining hard. The ground in a flood of watter at 8 A.M. this morning. Still rained on until 2 oclock P.M. & seemed to slack moderately off but still raining hard at 9 oclock at night terable fresh. The whole Country is in a flood of watter. We have heard no news from any quarter I stayed at home saw no one passing. There has been no one here for several days William & me is all except some countryband Negreos passing I made this entry after 9 oclock at night, and William in bead asleep he has complained of his back but mended his boots to day

Sat 4th / Morning is dark and cloudy the Wind in the N. W. & trying to

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/ Meat hung / Went to Town / river higher than ever known / Wagon / Snow We have hung what little meat we have in the garret, left of the big room. It cleared off about 1 oclock I went to Town I found the river much higher than it ever was known since the first settlement of the Country, by 8 feet. All the bridges gone from Columbia (15) to Nashville Many houses floated off. No one passing no news papers for several days every thing seems entirely at a stand still in Town I could not hear of our Wagon to day I fear it is gone The Election for Govr & Members of the States Legislature was held to day in Town No excitement & but verry few votes poled but no oposition to the candidates, Arnell Gilmer & Frierson

1865 March Sun 5 / Wagon found / L. Campbell stole it / Cooks horses was stolen / This is a beautiful frosty morning Verry Spring like. I got word last night from Nat that he had found our Wagon that was taken last Thursday morning before day, found in the West end of Town on the Mt Pleasant rode a little South & West of the forks of the rode at L. Campbells fathers his father says that his son L. brought it there & he put a new tongue in it. I brought it home this morning. Saul & George Jur went with me after it I found Mat & Jack Porter guarding the wagon until I got there early in the morning We had no trouble or deficulty L. was not there, said was gone to hunt horses to put in the wagon. John Cooks horses was stolen last night & gone, two of them.

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Mon 6 / Mary / Thomas / bought Chanes & lines $11.70 / boys work See act. /

Verry pretty morning like Spring I went to Town found Thomas & Mary there Greate many people there Thomas was just getting home from Cincinnati he seems to have got along verry well so far as I could learn The boys are trying to work a little I bought 4 pr of drawing Chanes at $2,50 a pair at Pillows and 4 pr of double lines at Morgans at $1,70 Sold at $75 cents pr pound The boys are working halling rales & putting up fence

Tu 7 / Thos. / Red I went to Town in the evening Nothing worth noticeing Telegraph about Toms goods not being fixed up right the boys are working verry well, some of them Caleb is building a house West of Suckeys house covering it to day Red was halled home to his Mothers Sunday Verry sick Doct Frierson attending him

1865 March Wed 8th / J. M. Cook J. T. Moore / T. L. P. Red / Dr Frierson This morning is cloudy & likely to rain I went to Town. It rained, found Thomas L there We telegraphed to Nashville about his business Jno M. Cook in gard house Suspicions of Gurlilinging J. T. Moore for whipping his Nero woman Not much done at home in the working line. Doct Frierson attended Red, his leg is verry bad. Thomas L. came home with me at night (but 4 lbs nales $.95) I agreed to be responsible to Dr Frierson for attending Red to the amt of $15 & no more.

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-50Th 9 / rain / sleet / Fedrels cutting wood / Thomas L. / Telegraph / Work / Red / The morning is cloudy drisling rain from the West, but warm. I went to the Depot but got no Despatch from N.B. Akin The Wind is verry piercing Cold from the North West. It has rained and sleated off & on all day & still sleating & verry cold / The Fedrels are geting wood in our lotts East of the house next the pike Thomas L. has spent the day with us to day, too bad to go to Bigby. No Telegraph from Akin I have directed to Telegraph again the operator does not seem acomodating there can be but little done to day the rain & sleat is rather too severe to be out in. Red is about like he was yesterday ---

Fri 10th/ Thomas L. Col Akin / B. Jordan $10,00 Oats / Thos L. / Wood / Feed / The morning is verry cold. Wind from the North & ground froze & covered with snow Thomas & me went to the depo, could not learn any thing from Col Akin Went up into Town I sent by Banister Jordan to Nashville for Oats Sent with him Ten dollars to pay for the Oats Thomas L. went home in the evening. The Federal Wagons are cutting and halling off our Wood out of my woods lott Some 20 Wagons are engaged at it Quartermaster Sedgwick at Columbia is ordering it

1865 March Satr 11 / Thomas / Williams Esqr George $17.33 / The morning was verry Spring like a little cool & some Ice, Wind North. I went to Town Verry many people. I got Thomas L. permits from Nashville all right in a letter to Jno Bairds, altercation with A. O. Williams about Mags George Col sold his Voucher of $21.66 on the Govt to Jim Beard for $17.33, this was

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-51Col McCoy / Crop / for one months work on Fortification in Novr last George Got the money himself, Another Regt is coming to take the place of the 48, whose times are out Not the place of the Command that is here Col McCoy still continues command of the post. We are gitting along in the crop line but slow Greate many horses stealing mostly by the blacks, but verry few of the Citizens are trying to raise a Crop in this County. The government farmes are the most of what will do any good this year

Sun 12th / France The Wind is from the S.W. Weather more moderate & clear. I have heard no news this morning. Several passing hunting there stolen horses There are no news of the day Some misunderstanding between the Emperor of France & the U.S. Nothing verry defenent - som trouble among them -

Mon 13 / Thos L. Mary Fuller / Decline in Cotton / This is a Spring like morning Wind from the E. & S. E. No particular news of the night or morning. I went to Town Thos L. & Maryann was both there Give Thomas his permits sent to him from Fuller. News came by Telegraph dispatch from N. York that cotton had declined - down to 60 cents from 73 since yesterday Suspicion that something is OUT not understood Jack Sandford & Press is trying to make a colepit, Caleb his house. John & Monk a halling rales, all at something but doing but little

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