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-521865 Tu 14th March / Jack Patton / Sandford Jack &c Press / It is quite warm Wind from the South Cloudy & like for rain Green got a protection paper & is stocking & fixing up the plows Jack Patton did not come up yesterday and has not come yet. Sandford, Jack & Press is making a colepit. Caleb George &c is working on his house. The Fedrels are still

Wed 15 / Cutting our timber / Quarter master Hoopr / Cutting & halling off our timber / Oats $ Bennet Margaret cutting our timber. I went to Town found a new Quartermaster in the place of Sedgwick by the name of Hoopr I urged him to try & get the wood cutters off my lands he promised to do so but I fear there are some foul play interfearing agt me in the character of home made Abolutions. Big Hariet is sick of Dipthera Red is thought better I got our Cats brought by B. Jordan Bushels paid $1.50 per bushels Bennet & Margaret home last evening & Bennet went back this morning

Th 16th Wilks Boy Webb / Soldiers Chickens / Jack Porter & several hands / It rained last night & the Wind has shifted N. W. & turning verry cold this morning. Jack P. & George came to get pickets to repair there garden fence I hired another boy belonging to Wilks this morning at $11.00 per month, he has gone to work. Three soldiers came and was for a while determined to take some chickens Talk & perswation seemed to do but little good for a time until it was understood that they had to fight before they got them they then concluded to let them alone. Jack Porter with several hands came & cut & split up wood for his garden fence I stayed at home all day. I went to Town yester

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Quarter) & Hoopr the quartermaster has for the present got the Wood Master ) Cutters to quit Cutting Wood on my land I fear they wont Hoopr) stay quit

1865 It is a little cool the Wind high & changed to the South March Fri 17 West Sandford sowing Oats John, guard, Monk & Webb Wilks Sowing Oats plowing in Oats in the young Orchard & Garden Jack & his Jack Porter hands still gitting there garden timber. Green stocking plows the other boys maken up fence (they work slow) No particular news Sat 18th We finished planting oats all the seed 240 lbs 36 makes a Oats sowed bushel I went to Town got something for a coat finding they No loads of) have cut & halled 67 loads of wood the lodes are estimated wood taken) at one third of a cord of wood they have cut down trees by the Feds) and taken off the tops & left the bodies they have yesterday 67 loads ) left my woods and gone some where else for a time. A good many people in Town Some rumor of fighting in Nº Carolina

Sun 19 The Wind is in the West verry clear & Pretty morning Smallpox Small pox hospital in H B Porters house Several of his Negroes Bridge ) with Sam have died with small pox The Rail rode bridge across Washed ) Rutherfords Creek washed away again. The boat carrying a wagon Boat ) across the river (D R) broke loose floted down sunk & dronded Sunk ) 2 miles - yesterday. It has turned verry warm After dinner wind Red ) from S.W. Sun hot. I seen Red after dinner he is not so well, thought ) Worse )

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-54some fever tong scurfed and his leg looks more swelled & inflamed & very painful

Mon 20 / Thos L. / Jack Patton still gone / The morning is clear & warm We started 3 double plows broke up the garden after burning off the trash I went to Town Thos L. was in Town his goods grocerys are at Nashville The pressing are going on carring the Negroes to the government farm & to work on Bridges Jack Patton still gone to get employment some where else (mad) Not settled for the Wood he halled to Town

1865 March Tu 21st / high wind / blacks are at work / Press & Alfred making the fence in Orchard / William / Old Mares at work / Potatoes / It rained last night the blacks done tolerable well. Harrute, Jur Viney Sweet with little George & big George & John Wilks cut stalkes in the field next Town yesterday Worked verry well I agreed to pay them $10.00 per month for the time they worked The Wind is verry high blowing all most a perfect gale Mostly clear flying Clouds from the West S. W. The plowers are braking up in the field next the garden where the Wagons have been runing over the ground the girls are cut-ting stalks in the field next to to Town Press & Alfred making a pawn lott fence in the Orchard Green fixing the plows &c All doing some thing William has cut out & making a new cote for himself -- I stayed at home all day, plowing our old Mares that are with Colt (Rockaway & Dan Rice Mares) I bought one bushel of Irish potatoes $2.00

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Wed 22 The weather is turning some cooler but high winds., clear & dry. Some are plowing 3 double horse plows, The girls are Work cutting stalks & Press & Alfred fixing the pawn near the apple house, pinning the posts &c. Stealing ) We hear of many horses stolen every direction. I give Green Horses ) his voucher for $ 50.00 & George his for $ 43.33 they were for Green ) in part the Novr Work in Town See a Memorandum indorsed in George ) the back end of this book. = Thur 23 The morning is Clear Cool & dry I went to Town saw Maryann Maryann ) & Thomas L. I found the 2 Year old sorrel Stud Colt Comadore. Thomas ) Henry Martin had him, he said he bought him of a negro he give Found the ) him up without hesitation he is verry lame & surfeited looks Sorrel stud ) bad. He has been missing about 2 weeks Thomas L. has got no 2 year old ) house to put his groceries in yet he is attending to James Thomas L. Webtsers business & It is not doing him much credid with the 1865 authorities (let it go) March This morning is clear & cool the Wind is from N.W. & verry Fri 24th dry The plows (3 double horse) are listing up the Cotton Cotton ) ground North end of the field next Town Green & the little boys Ground ) & girls are cleaning up the ground raking & burning stalks before plowing &c ) the plows They commenced yesterday and is getting along Braking & ) verry well The boys are braking & plowing the Dark 3 year old plowing our ) Commadore filla & the 3 year old Commadore Stud Colt Commenced blooded Stock) it on yesterday. They are doing very well. William has been

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William issuing out feed / Cotton 30 Cents / issuing out the rations for the blacks & feed for the horses & is attending to that branch of business which requires a deal of attention He has been doing it from the Commencement of our ingagement on the farm. -- I went to Town after dinner News that Cotton had fallen to $.30 cent per lb The Merchants looked gloomy every thing in there line is going down.

Sat 25 / Thos Ls Groceries came / Mat got 15 bushels of Corn / hands work to dinner / Mag The morning is clear & cold all hands moving slowly to work. I went to Town Thomass Groceries came & we put them in Strattons seller in the care of York, halled by B Jordan, W Dew, W D Matthew & Jas W B Thomas & Mat went off up the Greek and brought home three barrels of Corn at $ per bushel. The hands all worked until dinner very well (quit at dinner) I went to Town at or near dinner time When I returned I found William quite unwell his bowels out of fix Mag for some cause has not worn hoops for several days (whats the matter)

Sun 26th / Our Stock / Wm / Monk Adaline / Sunday Continued / Wm The morning is Clear Wind from the North East, & quite cold. Our stock look very thin the plowing of the young stock seems to go hard with them William was unwell all night. Red is getting much better. I have agreed to let Monk work with Adaline this year he has quit They agree to pay me the 1/3 of all that is raised We had for dinner Venison soup, rice, Bacon & Poke greens, boiled eggs, milk & Butter &c William sick & could not eat.

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