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/ From Decr 25, 1864 to Monday 2d Jany 1865 this does not include Genl Croxton of 25 Decr. It was Genl. Scroffield, Genl A. J. Smith & others /

Genl Scroffied, Gen A. J. Smith, & [gap] was campt from Warfields to town on the Pulaskie Turnpike. Some 40,000 soldiers from the 25th day of December 1864 to Monday the 2d day of Jany 1865 in J. H. Thomas lots Rankins lots & woods, my woods & Todds lotts & on to near Town. These soldiers took 10 large sows, weigh 300 each or more they were open sows 107 stock hogs fat & in fine order some would weigh 75 or 80 lbs, some less, they would average over 800 lbs a piece. Killed 2 two year old heifers for beef, would weigh over 300 each. Also 78 head of sheep worth $500 each, they took & carried off about brick from my kiln. John Francis & William Matthews present & saw them halling them with many wagons

/ See a list of these damages made out / Cedar rales / Lipscomb & Harris Genl. Croxton campt in my house, his head quarters on the night of the 24th Decr, his army in the woods lotte, yards and all over the plantation, took every available thing they could get hold of. The burnt cedar rales 16,440 See Harris & Lipscomb a certificate of the number of rales, they took my Mule (back part of the hen house broke open the door, broke open the Smoke house, took about 5000 lbs of salted Meat, Bacon, they took all my Corn, took our Teaspoons, killed & took the last turkey & some shoats.

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1865 Jany 1st. / sun / Weather / Guards / William & self / Camps / letter W J Porter & Jack / Fox / Black Mules came from hen house /

This morning is extremely cold every thing frose up The Wind is from the North and clear. Our Guards, Kibby & Taylor, are verry well behaved Men, seems to wish to do as near right as they can. They occupy the office in the yard & keeps a fire & sleeps there. William is better yesterday & this morning I am in only tolerable health, rested not so well last night There are not less than 20,000 soldiers campt between Town & my penn in my lott, doing all the devilment they can invent. - They seem to go into Winter quarters. We go a letter from W. J. Porter dated 19th Decr says Jack is there & well. A gray Fox was seen run under our passage between the house & kitchen yesterday & again today (What is the Omen.) the dogs dont seem to notice it William shot & killed the fox 10 1/2 oclock as it came out from under the floore it had a strap buckled around its neck, it was ketching the chickens ever night

After dinner I had taken the black Mule that Genl Fetherson give no braught & put in the hen house, the shoe taken off his sore foot & washed his foot with Doct Wm Browns cure it is what is commonly called the run round or verry case of scratches, which the Dr says this medicine will cure either.

/ recpt of run round or scratches / One Ounce of Blue Stone disolved in about one pint of Vinegar. After washing well with soap suds apply the medicine, do this two or three times a day. I think twist a day is often

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/ Mule / Fox enough I find the wash should not be continued too long I have rather overdone it. The Mule is a rather large Black about five years old. It will if it will get well, pay me something if it is not taken away.

The guards barbecued the Fox and eat it during the day the one half & will eat the ballence tomorrow.

1865 Jan Mon 2 / Weather / Sick/ Soldiers gone / Gen Scroffied core battery &c left last night / Gards changed / Ryan / halling of rails

The Wind changed to the South during the night but (verry cold Wind) the weather has moderated some. This morning it was cloudy about day light, but has cleared off or nearly so at 8 A.M. Jack Patton Monk & Jack all sick with Diore I went to Town about 12 oclock & was surprised to find all the troops from Rankins to Town gone. Went this morning all except what was left to command the post. The Gards, Kibby & Taylor as been called in & I braught out a Guard by the name of [gap] Ryan a verry good looking young man. I see there are wagons halling off our lane fence on both side of the rode on the turnpike next Town, the Campbellsville pike We are getting Wood, some halling to Town & some to the house

Tu 3 / qurrel / wagon master The morning is clear Wind from the South & warm towards 12 it clouded up looked like rain I went to Town a greate many soldiers passing I got into an altercation with the wagon master that are halling our Cedar fence, settled amicably & he has promised to not disturb me any more greate trouble a trying to get safe guards the authorities are not accomodating

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by any means

Wed 4 / Weather I went to Town the Fedrels are hallling off all the rails South of Town any where in reach The citizens & Negroes are doing the same It was verry cold in the morning Moderated in the evening Wind in the East & cold Mary & Thomas was both in Town Thomass bay Mare was stolen the night before & Jas Webster dun took his gray Mare off to the Army

Jany 1865 Thurs 5 / drove sore back mule / Wagon mules pressed / Work / Army news / Dew & Neely

It was a little cold this morning the ground frose the Wind N.W. in the [evening] turned warmer, & clouded up I went to Town drove the old black Mule with a sore back in the bugga & Meg went to Town with me We had a merry ride of it Jack Pattons Mules & Wagon was pressed & taken to hall rails from the Citizens South of Town they are ruining the Country & that seems to be the order of the day We are not doing much of any thing, trying to live but it is verry hard work. Our young stock of hogs all killed & every thing else News that Genl Hood has not ctossed the Tenn river and all hands are after him down the river in full chase Genl Lee is made Commander in Chief of the Southern Armys Westly, Newton Dew & Whit Neely sent to Nashville

Fri 6 / Weather / Robing

This morning is cloudy & like to rain it rained some last night the Wind is in the South. Old Mrs Vaughn was robed & shot in the foot. Jim took a bag of corn out of the Crib Granville A.

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Jim & Red / Town / Gard / rails / Cold

Pillow has ordered off Jim & Reds wives, will not support them any longer. I went to Town Our Gard, Royal, went also I could not find him in Town & I failed in getting any guard came home without any there are many Wagons halling the Cedar rails from the South of Town It rained while I was in Town & the Wind in N.W. Verry cold Jack halled some wood to Town tryed to get protection for his Mules & wagon

1865 Jany Sat 7 / Weather / Guard Cryder / Toll / Beeves

It snowed last night the ground covered the Wind from the North & verry cold it is clearing off. My Gard that was with me until yesterday morning has not returned from Town I went to Town to day & got another, a verry well behaved young man by the name of James Polk Cryder, a Masourian 49th Regt Col Bloodgets Command. I drove Bill Mule, Saul went with me I have to pay 20 cents toll to Town. I see a good many Secosh Beeves through the Country, the Negroes are Kooking them. I dont known who is doing it there are some white men with them ingaged in the business. Mat is staying with us for the last week or two pretty much

Jany 8th Sun / Jack Patton / Thomas L. Wills Webster This morning the sun rose clear & the Wind has changed to the S. W. but it was verry cold last nigh Moderated a little this morning Verry muddy the snow has melted nearly all off Jack Patton has been halling wood but has been pestered by his team being pressed during the last week, that he has not done much. Thomas L. Porter & Wills J. Webster came late at dark, &

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