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stayed all night

Mon 9 / Milk Jars / paper envelopes stamps / rails

It rained during the night & still raining this morning the clouds & rain is from the East. I went to Town got 3 Milk Jarrs $1.75 Thomas went also & came back with me got one quire of paper 50 & 24 stamps 70 & 24 envelopes 25 & come home through the rain No particular news. The wagons are still halling off our rails to Town

1865 Jany Tu 10 / Thomas L. & Willa / News / planted Peach seed / fine peaches / Muskets / Weather

It has rained off & on all night & still drisling rain this morning the Wind is from the South and quite warm. This morning Thomas & Willa left for Big bigby. Jack Patton did not hall wood yesterday for fear of being pressed in Town News yesterday that many troops are coming back from Pulaski & will be here today I planted two & a piece roes of peach seed adjoining, and North of the rows that were planted 18 months ago in the garden adjoining the Shelott patch these seed are from the verry finest kind of peaches, some are free Stone and some plumb peaches Preston brough seven broken Muskets from the camps where the Secosh Army was campt they are all smashed up We have put them in the cook house Were left by the rebles they are no account It is turning cold at night the Wind is in the North West

Wed 11 / Weather / Guard The Wind is from the North & West and verry cold (the ground is frose) Cloudy, looks likely to snow, but too cold. Our Guard (Crider) seems to be tolerable well satisfyed, getting

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Self / Soldiers foraging

along verry well. I have taken cold and am not well for several days. There has been a greate many Cavalry & Infantry all over our plantation through out the day & until 9 oclock at night hunting Corn hay & provisions & wanting something to eat The Brigades is camped on the Mt Pleasant pike

Th 12 / Soldiers foraging I rested verry bad last night It was verry cold & I was interupted through the night The wind is from the N. W. & clear & cold The soldiers are coming in by 3 or 4 for breakfast We hant got it. About 8 oclock there came a Battallion of soldiers to forrage rode all round and over where over they suspected forrage We took a portion of our Corn out of the new Crib any 100 bushels & put it over the dining room

1865 Jany Fri 13 / Weather /Myself / William / Mag / Soldiers / Corn & our boys The weather has moderated the ground frose verry calm and moving from the N.W.

Today is my birthday 73 years old. I dont feel verry well sore throad and cold having been out a good deal last night trying to save what little Corn we have See yesterdays entry. William has been quite unwell for several days from exposure not so well this morning Mag is well No news the Brigade that has been camped over on the Mt Pleasant rode has annoyed us verry much for a few days. I hope they will soon leave Anthony George Caleb & his boys, Jack Pillow Mat Monks Wash little George Plum & West worked until 9 oclock eat apples and got a good cup

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of Coffee when they quit they done this Th 12 at night I am to pay them for it when we get done it will take another night to finish

/ Earthquake / At 1 oclock P.M. there was a verry considerable earth quake or something like it. Shook houses and every thing around, lasted some 2 or 3 minnitts There was several light shakes during the evening and night

Sat 14 Soldiers / Campt / G. Kenamore Masouri / No name / Corn It has turned much cooler this morning the Wind is from the N. W. ground frose I went to Town (a pretty day) The troops that are campt near Nealys Mill are verry troublesome, committing all kind of depredations The bridge, is supposed, will be finished tomorrow & the ballence of the brigade will cross & then it is to moove to the front. Seen Grant Kenamore he is a Captain Campt near Town his Company is from Masoura No very particular news. They boys carried in more Corn

Sun 15. Rails / Gard Crider This morning is clear & cold the ground frose. Our safe Gard is getting along tolerable well the authorities has permitted him to stay longer as his leg has not got well. We are doing nothing. I see the Government are halling off the rails South of town They are likely determined to take them all

1865 January Sun 15 / Weather / This morning is clear the ground frose but the weather is much moderated The soldiers are hunting every thing they can find They shot a sheep over in the glade lott. William & the Guard

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Killing sheep / Thos L. / Webster County took the half from them A. C. Williams came eat dinner & left for home. A portion of the troops are moving South on the Mt Pleasant rode the rest has not crossed the river I saw Thomas L. in Town on yesterday all was well. The soldiers are not doing so bad in the Webster country as they are around us

Mon 16 Majr Fidler 6 Kentucky / took the black Mule / give no recpt / Sidale Col & Maj came to see our Stock / Dick & Jim Thomason

This morning is a little cloudy ground frose wind from the N. W. 7 men, Fedrals Soldiers, came about 8 oclock, said they were authorised by there Majr Fidler of the 6 Kentucky Cavalry to press & hunt horses for there men traveling on the Mt. Pleasant pike South. They took a black Mule from us 15 hands high 7 or 8 years old & carried him off, give no recept said if I would go to the command Majr Fidler would give me a receipt but I had nothing to ride & did not go. This mule was left here in place of one of the rebels took from me in November last it was branded C. S. A. Col. Sydale former commander of the post at Columbia & Majr rode out late in the evening to see our young Blooded stock They found but few of them here Dick & Jim Thomason & several others came at night campt in the Shop an then rode to Nashville Give me a Venison ham

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1865 Jany Tu 17 Weather / Bridges done Cars cross/ troops going South / Jack Patton paid $45.00 Wood / I went to Town / Maryann damaged by Fedrel soldiers / Quarter master It was a verry cold & clear night the wind from the N. W. Clear this morning

We understand the river is fordable and the pontoons bridge is done and the troops were crossing last night & the Cars have crossed the river into Town two days ago. It is hoped the theiving set will pass on as they are on there rode South to Corrinth. A fight ixpected.

I made a settlement with Jack Patton he reported that he owed me $45.00 for his wood engagements, that he halled and sold in town, he paid me the money to day

I went to Town after dinner drove Jack Pattons little Mare in the Bugga Saul went with me. I saw Maryann in Town She was complaining of bad treatment from the Fedrels they took her Corn meat and many other things, Mules horses &c Wilhem, quarter master, dont seem to want to settle with the boys

Wed 18 Weather / Mag $6 The weather clear & cold Wind N. W.

I went to Town Some news of peace but I have but little confidence in it There are many troops coming on from the North & these that are campt on the Mt Pleasant rode leaving We are doing nothing all round our promises. Mag went to Town got a dress $6.

Th 19 Weather / rails / Town / Saul The Wind is N. W. Cool & Clear pretty weather no particular news the Govmt Wagons & Contrabands are halling off the rails all round I went to Town took Saul come home without him

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