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pass to go to Nashville no particular news I stayed home all day like for rain Went and tryed to learn the No of rails were burned by Fedrels

Fri 3 Libscomb / Jesse Harris / Wind from the South and like for rain I went to Columbia expecting to go to Nashville but did not go George Lipscomb came home with me There is peace rumors, I have been signing a greate many petitions to have many of the prisoners released from prison I sign them all

Sat 4 Harris & Lipscomb / Damages rails / peace Measures / Weather The Wind from the South West looks like to rain. Jesse T. Harris came before breakfast G. Lipscomb came last night they proceeded to count the rails that was burned by Fedrels it amounted to 16,440 Cedar rales. I went to Town after dinner with Harris & Lipscomb. Saml Arnell & me agreed to go to Nashville next Monday News that commissers from Richmond & from Washington with Lincon have met at City point to try and make peace

The Wind has changed at 9 oclock at night to the North Will turn cold

1865 Feby Sun 5 The Wind is from the North and a little cloudy & much cooler tho not freesing We hear of Wagons passing the Pulaski pike, a good many of them. No particular news

Mon 6th / left for Nashville / The weather is some more mild the Wind from the West No particular news

I left on the trains at 1 1/2 oclock for Nashville got there at 4 I went with James Grigory to a private boarding house Mr

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/ expenses / A V Williams / William Crutcher North of the St Cloud about 100 yards & was verry kindly treated paid a verry moderate bill 75 cents a Meal & 75 cents for bord did not see but few that evening (Saw A. V. Williams of Lawrence)

Tues 7th Snow / C A Fullers / protection for arms / got a pass / The morning was quite disagreeable the snow had covered the ground about 4 inches deep I got an Over pair of Shoes in the morning cost $5.00 & went to C.A. Fullers Office Made my business known agreed to meet him again at 2 I then stroled over Town Went and got a protection for my arms & to git ammunition Got a rail rode pass read to take me home. Got nothing done with Mr. Fuller today agreed to meet tomorrow Some incouraged. Meet many old acquaintances that I had not seen for a long time during the day. Allen Nix, Alexr Stockard, Judge Bryan, J. H. Ewin &c &c.

Wed 8th Cold / Fullers office / permit of $1250 / The morning was quite cold Wind in the North The snow had melted verry much yesterday but this morning every thing frose up. I went over Town a good deal & in the evening to Mr. Fullers Office & got a permit to sell $1250 Worth of Goods per month I then went to Genl Donaloons head quarters & filed an order with him for settlement with the quartermaster Wilhem, which they are to give me an answer in a few days by Mail

1865 Feby Thurs 9 / Boarding bill $6.50 / The morning is quite cold ground frose Wind N. W. I paid of my bill to Mr. Crutcher $6.50 & walked off to the depot, over half a mile paid my rail rode fair, got into the Cars at

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/ Telegraph & pass there $2.50 / rail rode bill there $5 & back $3.50 / 9 1/2 oclock and came to Columbia at 1 oclock My rail rode bill going was $5 and coming $3,60 Telagraph despatch for ticket $1.25 the answer & pass $1,25 I got home in the evening and found all our concerns getting along as I left them which I was glad to find it so

Fri 10 Crider / Bernett / Col Blodget command / Jack & his family came and stayed until I would come home The morning is more mile not so cold Wind W. S. W. I took our safe guard to Town in my bugga to learn what to do he was permitted to come back his company F having not returned News the present command will leave in a day or two & he will go with them Esekel Bennet came last night and went to Town

Sat 11 Jack Porter / Gard Crider / fuss / The weather has moderated Wind W. I met Thomas in Town Wm J. Webster & Woodey Mitchel We were with the assistance of W. B. Wilson trying to get a house to put goods in Jack says he has rented a house to live in of Jameson. Crider our gard came back home with me at night having no where else to go. I got in to a little fuss about the soldiers taking Jesse Harris horse but got it all stratened up

Sun 12 Margaret Bennet / P. Crider / Col Blodget / The morning is a little cool the Wind from N. Margaret went with Bennet home, they put his mule in Williams bugga and drove it off. J. P. Crider went back to Town this morning likely he will not return he came back in the evening No particular news the present command is preparing leave.

1865 Feby Mon 13th The Wind is from the N. W. and cool. I went to Town found Thomas there greate many people there many pittiones signed & sent on to get out some that was confined in prison by these

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Thomas pittions / Government counterbands / Crider / Blodget Col not gone taking the Oath See a good many counterbands brought by the Cars to work our farms (plows hoes &c) They looked verry bad & sickly ragged & dirty Crider came back last night left in the morning Col Blodget not yet gone

Tues 14th (Guard) / rain / Gard gone / William / Supper / Buga The Wind is in the East looks like for rain Crider (Guard) went back to Town this morning It rained a little & sleeted some about 12. It has rained all evening Our gard did not come back No particular news no one here but William & me We had a fine supper of good Mash & Milck We relished it verry much William made his bugga traces to day Our young stock looks in good order (on nothing) to eat they are all here yet

Wed 15 / rain Guard cold / pittions / Soldiers rambling / Mag The weather has turned wuite warm Wind in the West. It drisseled & rained all night, morning is dark & cloudy Crider did not come back last night. I went to Town turned verry cold in the evening & cleared off at night. A greate many pittions for the prisoner soldiers to take the oath & come home. Some 4 soldiers came in the evening a foot, killing shoats chickens &c they got none of ours I was not at home William was by himself, but he stood up to them the night last night was extreamly dark & rainy & the ground to day is verry sloppy.

Margaret is still gone to Lawrence went last Sunday. I got a letter answer from Genl Donalson (Nashville) Chief of

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quarter master informing me that the Egenur at Nashville is the man to settle George and Greens Act.

1865 Feb. Thur 15 Rain / Gard & Mnt / righting up the fence / Maryann & Thomas / Col Blodget Col McCoy / Cars fired into Spring hill / Coluaka The Wind is from the West commenced raining this morning about day light, cold rain Mat went late yesterday evening to try and get a Gard as the soldiers have been troublesome, he has not yet returned from Town. The boys are trying to fix up the Spring lot & turnip patch fences (Caleb & Jack Patton & George) I went to Town Maryann & Thomas was there Maryann came & stayed all night The command was changed Col Blodget left & Col McCoy took his place Capt Denison provost still continues he belongs to Col McCoys command. The Cars was Throwed off by the Gorrillas & fired into. One soldiers was killed took place near Spring hill the Cars fire into near Coluaka & one man killed

Fri 17 / Maryann This morning it rained and a little through the night Wind & rain from S. W. Maryann & me went to Town early She was told to bring up the 2 Confed officers that had been there

Sat 18 /halling off my rails altercation & threatening to whip me / Clear & frosty morning Wind W. I went to Town The Government wagons were halling off our cedar rails I followed them to Town & reported them to Col McCoy they became verry mad threatened to horse whip me & to come to my plantation & Hall off my rails & burn me up The Col sent a Sargent & he (I suppose) reported them I went & pointed them out to the officer but I have no doubt

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