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Green / George
I have settled with Green for the Work he done upon the plank
fence such as hewing the posts & Setting them to near the Mill
13 days at $2.00 pr day See Act Book Dec. 31st ( $26.00
I have settled with George for diging holes (344) at 5 Cents
for each hole & Working Scoring in the posts at $2.00 pr day
9 ($35.20 ) days amounting to $35.20. See settlement Act Book

/ 22 Jany / Wash Jones / Jack Patton / Monk
Also Wash Jones $5.25, ^7 days^ Jack Patton $2.25 $80.50
" Monk $2.25 ) Amounting to Ninety Dollars .20 $90.20
The No of days we were putting up the posts & nailing on the
plank it costs 4 1/4 cents a post & the diging the holes costs 5
cents a hole It has taken 29 days that is Caleb 11 Press 11
& Wash 7 to Nale on the plank. The halling & getting the posts
not counted Neither the getting the Stocks & halling not
counted. 518 posts. We put up and naled plank on 518 posts
finished the 28th Feby 1867

1867 March 6th Wed 6 / Me pr of Shoes /
Redrick came from Jacks in the night for a horse for Jack to
ride he got Williams horse. William made me a pair of Shoes

Th 7 / W J Porter / Jack & B W Porter / Lawrence / Elisabeth Marine
It has rained through the night William went with Jack to
Lawrence - burg W. J. Porter & his Lawyers & the plaintiffs
lawyers in the suit McFarren vs W. J. Porter all went on today
to Lawerence Burg to take depositions William & Jack left about
one oclock William rode Mags Mare & Jack rode Williams horse
Elizabeth Marin came yesterday & stayed all night

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