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[table] It has partially cleared off and some cooler Wind from the
N.W. I was quite unwell all night I feel quite discouraged
having been unwell so long some times I think I will not recover
I have no one to help see to any thing & nothing much doing
I become quite down spirited & much discouraged I have a bad
cold some fever and verry horse of a morning until get about
a little then I feel better
The morning is clear and spring like Richard & George & Jack
is plowing in there Oats William has traded off the sorrel mare
he got of A. Harrison & got a gray horse he has not said how
he has traded yet -
Mag went to Town this morning rode the black Mare William
wint & rode Mags mare. Upon inquiry I find that William has
not swapt off the A. Harrison Mare, only exchanged the Thomas L.
I Went to Town this evening for the first time in Over two months
I rode the black Mare it tyered me verry Much. I think I am
none the worse I think upon the whole I am some better tho
much fatigued

The morning is quite clear & beautiful Spring like the boys
are plowing in there Oats say they will get done in a day or two.
The after part of the night I did not rest so well as the fore
part of the night. After getting about a while I feel better.
Mag did not come home last night. I went to Town got some
Garden Seeds today

The Wind is verry high blowing from the S. E. About 10 oclock
it is clouding up some thunder It has rained nearlt all day

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I wasn't really sure how to write those notes in the left margins