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Richd, Jack & George Hargroves & Calvin helped me plant Irish
potatoes We did not get done William got $1.00 worth
Sugar & $1.00 worth Coffee.
I was quite exausted, head ake & quite unwell, when we quit
Work at night, from the fatigures of the day rested badly
through the night head ake all night. I kept with the hands
all day at work to have it done right & them kept
at Work. We got down a Sholder Bacon
I put a plaster a Vurginer pitch on my breast.

I commenced raining before day slowly and at 10 oclock it is
still raining Quit about 1 oclock We have finished planting
Our Irish potatoes the same hands today We had yesterday
planted near 10 bushels making 77 Rows. The ground is well
broke up & Manure on them all It is finely done planted
50 Roes yesterday & 27 roes today Making in all

It has rained nearly all night verry hard Some thunder an
lightening & heavy wind.
My health is some better yesterday & last night.
William commenced last night to make himself a pair of Boots,
he is doing it verry he like to have made one last night
he stayed and finished them both today. We still have
apples yet. The limber twig, they are verry good tho rotting
verry fast, we have but a few now. The Bay Dan Rice Mares
yearling filly is verry bad off with distemper & so is Wms
sorrel filly they both look like they would not live. I have

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I wasn't really sure how to write those notes in the left margins