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George ( I sent to Town & got some beef $
Sterlin )
Jim ( George & me is making a window fraim with Iron barrs. Tom
Geor. H. )
Tom ( McCanless has be came a little alarmed & went to work this
Press )
Jack ( morning, he is a dog & as soon as I can I will git clear of
Richd )
Charley ( him they hands are gitting along verry well We put up the
& John )
2d Joist to day & window for the front end with strong Iron

Wed 18 The morning is clear calm & a little foggy in the bottoms
dry )
Weather ) everything is wanting rain the Watters are drying up Verry
dry & warm The same hands at work to day that worked yester-
George (
Sterlin ) day See the Margin
Jim (
George H. )
Tom (
Press )
Jack (
Richd )

Same hands) The morning is clear & warm the wind in South We hear the
Th 19
The same hands working today that worked
yesterday See yesterdays

Fr 20 The morning is clear calm & warm
Same hands)
Dock ) The same hands are at work today that worked yesterday One more
Pillos ( ) (
$1.00 pd. ) ( Dock Pillow paid Dock $1.00) he was hired by Sterling & is
rain ) (
Jim at work today. A little shower of rain at 3 I paid Jim $5.00

Sept 21 The morning clear & warm I suffered more with my head than I
Sat 21
Self ) ever did Doct. Pillow com & he says it is verry sever attact
Sick )
Dr Pillow of Eresipplus I am quit bad off & if I don't git better I can't

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Crossed out: "Celery Nashville Celery is in Nashville" possibly "Colery"