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Jack for Caleb Corn ) I got a load of corn of Caleb yesterday, Jack Patton's wagon Not well slipt shucked.
George Meal ) Loaned one half bushel of meal to George today. George H. & George P. halling wood for themselves & me. Charley is helping them
Thomas Maryann no better ) I have Just got a letter from my son Thomas informing me that Mary ann is no better but still growing weaker & cannot last long I got this note from Thomas at 3 1/2 oclock I had sent Rich to Harris & got no letter to
Wm B Wilson ) I suppose Harris had given it to some one to send it to me I got a letter from Wm B Wilson informing me that Mary ann had dyed today at 12 oclock
Mary ann dyed at 12 Oclock ) I got this note at 4.10 oclock William got home at 11 oclock at night he was at the depo trying to find out about Willa & Hamon & probably to go on after them there was no cars went back to Nashville & he came home, he cant hear whether Woodside has ever got the dispatch he did not get my letter I sent to him through Jesse S. Harris
I wrote a letter to Martha Jane today informing her of the death of Mary

1867 Oct Sun 27
This morning is dark cloudy & drisling rain It has been rain-ing this way for three days & this is the 4th Fr, Sat, Sun & today William left this morning he dont know whether he will go on to find the boys until he gets to the depo & will from there & send me back word.
Willa Webster) I got word Willa Webster came & him & William went on to Mary ann's

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