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Saturday for Willa & Hamon to get home they were both at home
Calvin George H. John Wm ) Calvin George H. worked today putting on Shingles John helpt Preston in George H. place William left & went to the depo by 7 oclock
Mag Saw Mag gone on with Jack to Cincinatti
George Charley Town ) We got nearly the North half of the house covered Charley went to the Shows & so did George P.

Thurs 31
The morning is quite cold & a verry heavy forst
George George H. Calvin ) George George H & Calvin is at work putting on Shingles John is working for George H. shingling the new Smoke house
Corn Preston & George took 2 loads of Corn to Town & sold it at $2.50
Preston George The wagon holds 3 bul &

Novr Fr The morning is clear & cold the Wind is changing to the South
William William went to Bigby and drove Ball in the Bugga got 5 Sides of upper & one of sold leather
Tanner leather )
Those L Porter ) Thos L. came & stayed all night
Calvin George H. & George ) George H. Calvin & George is at work on the Smoke house Charley worked in the place of George H. helped Preston halled 2 loads of Corn to Town & sold it this 4 loads they ahve taken & sold at $2.00 pr barl The wagon bed holds a little over 3 barrels in all 12 barls

1867 Novr Sat 2d George & Calvin ) The morning is a little cloudy & quite warm. George, Calvin is at work on the Smoke house and finished covering it a little after dinner & quite George H finished the ballence of the

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