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Corn Caleb 3 N Porter 2) braught me 2 loads & Caleb got 3 loads, he says his wagon holds 4 bls I don't think it does. This makes 6 loads I have got, 2 in the Crib & 4 to the hogs.
Charley ) Charley quit & went to help Caleb hall his Corn
George H. & Preston ) George H. sold a bale of Cotton & settled & paid me for the half $26.00, he also settled & paid me for Corn him & Preston took to Town & sold they took 12 bbls & sold it at $2.50 pr brl. I got $15.00 of it being the half, making for Cotton & Corn $41.00 I then (out of it) paid George & Preston $20.00 making me 4000 Cedar Shingles leaving me $21.00 Cash in this transaction.

George H. George got a side of upper leather at $3.50 & 3 lbs of sole leather which is not taken in to our settlement as above (to be settled hereafter)
Man killed Bigbyville Cortney ) A man killed in his Sho Shop Shot in the night No one knows any thing about it it was in Bigbyville a Yankey belonging to Michigan his name wa Cortney I knew him well

Wed 6 The morning is clear & quite cold The Wing is in the East. I sent to Town & got $2.00 worth of beef Jno went with William.
Wash 2 loads ) Wash halled today 2 loads of Corn bead holds put in old Smoke house Jack Patton halled two loads for Caleb put one in Crib & the other to hogs
Caleb 2 loads
Richd Rich is picking out his cotton

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