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in it with him William got back at 11 1/2 left Mag in Town
Killed hogs } I have commenced killing some hogs 8 in No. Quite smal they weigh 932 lbs & lard 33 lbs. We rendered It out & put it in one of the Tin Stands. It is all salted & packed down in a trough in the new Smoke house
See Fr 13 Decr
See 30 Novr
See Jany 9

1867 Decr Sun 1st } The morning is a little cloudy the Wind is changing to the East & quite cold.
Martha & children } Martha Jane & her little children came last night in the carrage having left Big bigby Friday carrage broke down & they stayed at a Mr Myers & until after dinner getting the carage mended. I was truly glad to see them Mary Scott Lilla Cornella & William they are good looking Smart & in fine health. They stayed until after dinner & then left for B. B. late in the evening
Hamon W. Harmon came & stayed all night & left after breakfast
November last day } This is the last day of November upon the whole it has been a verry fine month for business & to gather those crops &c but the 2 last days verry Cold

December Mon 2nd } The morning is cloudy the Wind has changed from South to S. W. & looks like rain. Cloudy all day.
Jack Corn Jack halled 2 loads of Corn one for himself & the other for me & put it in the hog pen We salted up our pork &c
Sugar & John a hat } I got a $1.00 of sugar & John a hat at $1.00 $2.00

Tu 3 The day is looking like rain Wind from S.
Jack corn Richd corn } Jack halled me 2 loads of Corn & himself 2 loads Richd halled me 2 loads of Corn & himself one load Corn today

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