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Ths L. Porter Georg Martin } The Country Cort set today Thomas L. Porter was appointed Admr of Mary an Webster Deed & William & George Martin is his Securities Thomas L. Porter & George Martin came home with William at night It commenced raining at dark and is still raning 9 oclock at night It commenced raining at dark and is still raining 9 oclock at night

1867 Decr Wed 4th Rain
The morning is cloudy the air is coming from the N. W. and raining slowly. It has rained all night & still raining at 10 oclock
G. Martin T. L. Porter } George Martin & Thomas left after breakfast.
George H. George H. helpt me hang the inside doore to the new Smoke house the Wind is tolerable high blowing from N. W. & turning cold I think it is commencing to snow at 9 oclock at night
McClarrens F. T. McClarren's son from Lynnvill came home with William stayed all night
Rain No work done today. It has rained a little all day.
Sheep & Lamb } The Ewe was found dead this morning & her little lamb 4 or 5 days old by her side They were both black

Th 5 The morning is clear Wind mostly from N. W. but not cold
Jack Corn Jack halled me 2 loads of Corn & himself Two loads
Richd Corn Richard has halled me 2 loads today and himself one loads-
Mag & Felix $.50 }Mag went to Town took 3 baskets of Irish potatoes to her brother Jack & Felix went with her, they went in the Bugga, drove Ball. Got Felix a hat $.50.
Press & George } George H. & Press has finished picking out there Cotton-

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