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Th 23 The morning is Clear & Warm the Wind in the East. Thos is
Corn ) making his diary Plim & Charley is planting Corn in the old
planted )
turnip patch & Lorra is dropping Beans All hands is at work
Ku Kluck )
Klan ( The Ku Kluck Can hung a Negro woman yesterday She had beat up
hanging )
a white woman This is 4 they have hung 2 Whites & 2 blaks
in the course of a month or so. I greatly dread the conse-
quences I fear the result

1868 ) The morning is clear & calm the are is from the E. Thomas is
April (
Fr 24 ) at work at his diary
Thos Jack Patton is plowing William's wild Mare She is wild but is
doing tollerable well Charley is helping Jack with the wild
Mare & Plim is laying off with the bay Mare & Jenna.
Rockaway (
3 year old) Bay filly folded today a bay horse colt no white a verry
filly had a(
Colt ) large & fine colt The Mother won't be a 3 year old until
June The Comodore broken shoulder is its Sier
Jno Gordon)
John Gordon son of P Gordon came round as a deputy or apointed
under the Revd Mr Mack to take a list of the school children
white and black and I would not list those around me

Sat 25 The morning is dark & cloudy and raining verry hard ever since
before day it is coming from the East & S. E. rained on until
Wm 2 oclock A. M. William left in the rain to Town. Richard paid
Richd ( me $6.50 my part of a remnant cotton that was put in another
ration )
Cotton all( bale of Cotton Matthews paid him $9.80 & Rich now pays me my
settled )
part $6.50 it being the remnant. This finishes a settlement in

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