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Not able to git about drank a/cup of Coffee It helped me

Verry much & steadied my nerves as you see I can wright

much better.

It has Snowed a little through the day the ground is spotted

with Snow & hard froze all day. Wind high from N. & N. W.

Richd is still cutting wood & feeding
Wed 24 The Ground is hard froze & verry cold calm & clear. Wm &

Willa has not returned from hunting They will return when
Wm & Willa )
they eat up there provisions which they took abundance with
Richd )
See 31 Jany ) them
Wood &c )
Richd is still helping us to feed & make fires which is verry

thankful this cold weather. We are trying to get some wood

halled. There is but little doing. I got a letter from
Martha Jaane )
Pegga sick ) Martha Jane dated 21 Feby, all is well Old Peggy is sick all day
Th 25 The morning is verry cloudy & calm looks like rain

William & Willa not returned from the Barrens. I contracted

with George P. to help Thomas work on his house at one dollar
George )
Rations ) pr day. I Wayed off his weeks rations Meet 3 1/2 lbs & 1 peck
Hen set ) of Meal he commenced this morning at work ) hen set in Soth
( (
Pegga Coop Old Pegga some better tho sick yet ) I fear one of the
Wm & W J W ) (
Williams is sick. W. J. W. health was verry bad he aught

not to have went his breast and Lungs seemed to be verry much

effected a bad & heckling cough nearly all the time. I was

oppose to his going but others thaught differently.

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