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& has rained steady all day until sun set & rained nearly

all night coming from the east quite cold

Militia The Militia that is at Pulaskie has got into a fuss One

of the soldiers got killed by the negroes the fuss is between

the Negroes & soldiers. The soldiers is behaving verry bad

& diserting every day
Th 4 The morning is cold & damp & mudda the Wind in N. W.

George P. Georg got his weeks rations of Meet 3 1/2 lbs & of Meal

1 peck (See Th 25)
1869 ) The morning is verry cold I think about the coldest morning
March (
Fri 5th ) that has been this year ground froze verry hard heavy frost
Verry (
cold ) Wind, North. We are trying to get up wood.
Mary P. & (
Matta W. ) Mary P. & Matta Webster came in the evening Mrs James Webster

Mrs Webster ) also came in the evening stayed all night

William went to Town & got some things to fix up my old Bugga -
Sat 6 The morning is verry cold Winter day every thing froze up

All hands cant keep from the fire Richd is still a cutting

Richd wood for our fires & helping to feed &c of mornings & nights

Stone Cole ) Richard went to Town I sent by him got 7 bushels of Stove
$2.45 )
Cole to burn in the Shop it cost .35 Cents pr bushel Two dollars 45
William & Thos worked on my bugga
Sun 7 The morning is extremely cold the Wind is changing from N.

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