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Pills 2 ) from the S. West. took 2 pills
William William has been quite unwell of cold he has been in bend on
to after 10 oclock got up & has rode his horse to the awn to
00 watter him The Pills & sulphur has mooved my bowels at last
I have taken a caution of them before they done good
The boy finished planing my patch of Corn about 11 oclock
planting (
my Corn ) to day (around George's house) Lawson commenced to plow down
See 10th (
Inst ) the beads in the old potatoe pathc to sow Grass. William is
quite unwell

Wed 12 The morning is dark cloudy & raining a verry good rain It
Rain ) has rained the most of the night last night
William (
Sick ) William is quite unwell eat no breakfast bad cold lying in
bend. Eat no dinner. Some better at night eat some supper.
Wood We halled up wood
Sulphur took Sulphur at bed time

1869 ( The morning is dark & cloudy Wind S. W. I think William is
May (
Th 13 ) some better tho not much he came to the Table & tryed to eat
William a little breakfast. The Corn that the boys planted for me last
Jim Monday & Tuesday the hogs got in & rooted it nearly all up, &
Jim is fixing the fence & replanting it over. Lawson is
plowin where I purpose sowing Grass where I planted potatoes
Rain last year. It has rained several showers through the day
drizled & rained through the night

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