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Mon 13 The morning is a little cloudy & calm I wento Town got a

Self ) pare of Shoes Cost $2. Cut down the heals $.25
Shoes (
$2.25 ) The boys halled some Corn to feed out of Richard's feel
Richard (
1 load ) Richard halled a load of Corn for himself & one for me &

me 1 load ) divided his tops between him & me Richd took his lode to Town

Jim 1 load ) Jim halled me a load of Corn of his Corn
Tu 14 The morning is verry cloudy & sprinkling rain

I went to Nashville in the Cars. I saw Lyons he sent me to
Majr Walker had a long interview with him & the next day until

the Cars left I got in the Cars & come home Wed. I eat my

dinner Tus at Rittenburger's $.50 I went to the Manshion

house eat no supper it Rained I got wet got a room dryed
Wed 15 my cloathes eat my breakfast paid $1.50 After learning all

I could I fear there is nothing can be done though Walkers Atto

will make a trial & if he dont succede he is not to charge me

any thing I came home in the Cars
I must pettion the Qr M. Genl to reopen the case get 10 or 12

Union men to sign the pettion send it on if they wont open the

case it is all done with. If it is opened I must get up the

proof, Sullaven Rankin Francis Hodge Bennet &c

Surringe While in Nashville I baught a surrenge $2.50 looks like a

good one

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