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100 bundles Making $4.20.
William got home at dark through the rain having been gone 4
days in the Scrap of Lewis County.
Town I went to Town done nothing got wet, verry wet, come home
in the rain -
Rain It has rained nearly all day sometimes verry hard it will
raise the Watters.

1869 ) The morning is a little cloudy Wind is changeing to the North
Septr (
Sun 26 ) & turning cold.
Self My general health for the last week has been about like it has
been some times better and wors upon the whole about like I
have been for a long time. I am quite weak & feeble. I drink
a little coffee of a morning & night & dont agree with me of
nights some times keeps me awake but it stimilates me & helps
me at the time.
Andy $.75 I let Andy have $.75 to pay for his Boots money

Mon 27 The morning is clear calm & cold Some frost The Chancery Cort
Frost sits this morning Judge presides
J B Pillow's)
land sold ) I went to Town a good many people in Town Jerome B. Pillow's
for $69.00)
pr acre ) land was sold 1st payment 1st January 2d payment next July
& the last Jany 1871 With Int. from date. Sold for $69.00
per acre baught by Bethel his son-in-law who lives in
Memphis. I have got sufficient of signers to my pittion to

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