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1869 ) The morning is mostly clear Win N. W. & cold ) William
Feby ( (
Fri 26 & Willa has not returned from Hunting, I hope they are
well but I fear otherwise. William & Willa got home about
3 oclock braught some good Venison It eat verry well put
me in mind of old times Verry natural I eat verry harty
indeed of it.
See 2d (
Feby ) I am to pay Monk $1.00 per week for his Mules to plow
Monk (
See Feby 2) counting six days to the week out of Adalene's last
year's Act. & is to pay for the Corn there Mules may eat
while at work plowen in the Crop

Feby 27 The morning is Clear & Coold. It Snowed last night until
the ground was covered with Snow near 3 Inches deep The
Wind from W. N. W.
Wm I give William $40.00 to pay off some little things with
in Town to day. The Snow is melting.

Sun 28 The morning is clear calm & verry cold ground froze Wind
from N. W. We are verry scarce of Wood.
My General health is about like it was the last week. We
have been feasting verry bountiful upon Venison stake ever
since William has returned from hunting. I am quite fond
of it I eat of it every Meal
This day has been a verry extreamly cold day the ground &
James ) watter has not thawed but little to day. James Webster came
Webster )
at night. Brownlow's Militia has made Pulaski there head