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Green / George I have settled with Green for the Work he done upon the plank fence such as hewing the posts & Setting them to near the Mill 13 days at $2.00 pr day See Act Book Dec. 31st ( $26.00 I have settled with George for diging holes (344) at 5 Cents for each hole & Working Scoring in the posts at $2.00 pr day 9 ($35.20 ) days amounting to $35.20. See settlement Act Book

/ 22 Jany / Wash Jones / Jack Patton / Monk Also Wash Jones $5.25, ^7 days^ Jack Patton $2.25 $80.50 9.70 " Monk $2.25 ) Amounting to Ninety Dollars .20 $90.20 The No of days we were putting up the posts & nailing on the plank it costs 4 1/4 cents a post & the diging the holes costs 5 cents a hole It has taken 29 days that is Caleb 11 Press 11 & Wash 7 to Nale on the plank. The halling & getting the posts not counted Neither the getting the Stocks & halling not counted. 518 posts. We put up and naled plank on 518 posts finished the 28th Feby 1867

1867 March 6th Wed 6 / Me pr of Shoes / Redrick came from Jacks in the night for a horse for Jack to ride he got Williams horse. William made me a pair of Shoes today

Th 7 / W J Porter / Jack & B W Porter / Lawrence / Elisabeth Marine It has rained through the night William went with Jack to Lawrence - burg W. J. Porter & his Lawyers & the plaintiffs lawyers in the suit McFarren vs W. J. Porter all went on today to Lawerence Burg to take depositions William & Jack left about one oclock William rode Mags Mare & Jack rode Williams horse Elizabeth Marin came yesterday & stayed all night

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-3Fr 8 / for 1866 settlement App Booker / Caleb Corn The Morning is cloudy Wind from the North East & quite cool, every appearance of more rain or Snow. App Booker took a load of Corn last night off towards Town & this morning has his Wagon loaded up with Corn I went down there & made him throw back into the house. We made a Settlement he got Wm Matthews to make the Settlement I agreed to leave the whole matter to him he decided that App owned me 6 1/2 barrels of Corn rent, & Ten dollars in cash for Wood he had got since the 1st Jany last he paid me the Money & agreed to pay the Corn to Caleb & Caleb took App for the debt and he Caleb agrees to pay Me for the Corn One dollar per bushel 32 1/2 bushels, in Corn next fall & is to let Me have Corn at the cash price of Corn at the time of the gathering of Corn next fall the 15 of November next (See Act Book)

Sat 9 / Meal / Cole oil Box of East / The Morning is some Cloudy the Weather has some moderated We sent 2 1/2 bushels Corn to Mill Richd went to Town got 1/2 Gal Cole Oil .50 cents & 1 box of east .50 cents William has not returned from Lawrence William Moores Mule was stolen from his house last Night & tracked to Jaggers this morning but could not be found the mans track was a smal shoe track & White Man

1867 March Sun 10 / Rain / William / Rain / Moores mule / Jaggers It has rained verry hard last night thunder & lightning, at 12 oclock it is still raining hard. William has not gotten home from Lawrence. They are hunting Moores mule all round last night they were all round Jaggers & over the hills believing

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/ Elizabeth Marene / Martha Jane / it had not been yet carried far off Moore thinks the Mule is in some thicket near Jaggers yet. Elizabeth Marene came last night & stayed until some time today I told her she had better go back to Jaggers She says that Jaggers sent her to stay here she has stayed here 2 nights & I told her to Not come back a gain. She is hire to see about the Marin land land that was sold by Matthews & bought by Matthews. I wrote a letter to Martha Jane

Mon 11 / McCinley / Oats / Wm / Stolen Mule / Sandford / Wm The Wind is in the S West & some Warmer Cloudy & looks like for rain The 2 McKinley boys came this morning took away there brown filly & Gray horse I hope they will keep them away. I have got Preston Richard & George to git out Oats today. William has not returned from Lawerence We have herd nothing More of Wm Moores Mule. Sandford has given the description of a young Mand Coming out of Town riding on his Wagon that was carrying a saddle that was enquiring about Jaggers & me, saying I was a Union man & asked if I did not have young horis thinks it the same man that stole Moores Mule. I think he has lyed I think he has something to do with the Stealing or hiding Moores Mule. William got home this evening from Lawrence burg It has rained very much all day

1867 March Tu 12th. / Rain / Oats / It has rained verry heavy nearly all night and looks like not quitting The boys are still getting out Oats they think they

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-5/ Wm / have got enough there is so much rain & the Ground so verry Wet it is difficult to plow in the Oats. William Went to Town

Wed 13 / Wm & Mag / Jack & W J Porter / Snow The Morning is quite cool Wind from the N. W. William & Mag drove Ball in the Bugga to Town this morning. Jack has gone to Huntsville with W J Porter & Genl Bates to take depositions A verry considerable Snow Storm is falling commencing at 4 oclock after dinner Coming from the N. West & has turned quite cold William got home through the Snow & verry cold

Th 14 / Snow & Verry cold Mag / This Morning is Verry cold ground froze Snow 3 or 4 inches deep Wind from N. West Stephen Wright stayed with us last night he lives near Campbells he is walking having been to Town going back. Margaret did not git back last night William got home through the snow & was verry cold last night It is verry hard work to git fires, Wood & feed No one seems to think they aught to do anything Only to stay at the fires & come & eat at meal times.

Fr 15 / Snow / Wm / Calvin Rabits / Shaved / Mag Snow / This morning is verry Cold the ground froze hard, And a little cloudy nothing doing The Snow is not much melted the ground half covered The Wind is changing to the N. E. William drove Ball in the Bugga to Town Calvin has killed 2 Rabits today & one yesterday making 3 I shaved today Margaret left Wednesday to Town I had a good dinner today a Well Cooked Rabit No one but the little Negroes to help Me eat it. Mag come back Snowing

1867 March Sat 16th. / Snow The morning is dark & Cloudy & has been snowing through the night the ground is slightly covered with snow & is snowing this morning.

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/ Rain / Meet hung / Unwell / Oxen Died / Jugt by Moore & McBain / The Wind is from the N. E. & quite cold ground froze. It is Sprinkling rain and snow We hung our Meet in the Garret We have 15 Midlings 15 hams & shoulders & - Joles We have used 31 Joints & 7 Midlings & 11 Joles over half gone the Meet We took a large oven up & put a fire & made a Smoke, it is so far, saving verry well I am not verry well Our old White Oxen has got down cant git up in the Crib yard he has been neglected while I was gone to Huntsville died at night I see in the Union & Despatch (Weakly) 14th of March, Memphis is to have a Nicholson pavement. The contract to pave the several prominent streets has been awarded to Taylor McBain & Co of Chicago at a cost of $2,000,000. I wonder if this McBain is not one of the men I got a Jugt agt Moore & McBain for over $13,000 damages for cutting & carrying off my Cedar Timber.

Sun 17 / Snow / Bad & disagreeable weather / Not well bad cold / Not well The morning is cloudy, partially so, & verry cold the Snow has melted off some yet the ground is partially covered The Wind is from the N. & N. W. it is clouding up like there would be more falling Weather The Snow has mostly melted the Weather is cold, damp & raw, verry disagreeable & bad upon Old & Weakly constitutions. I have taken somehow, a renewed cold that is effecting me verry much I have been quite unwell all day. William has stayed at home & read all day, I dont know what he is reading but he has talked but little.

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