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1867 April Fr 12 Self Meal

This morning is quite cool & clear the wind is in the North. My health is I think no worst I did not rest verry well. We sent to Mill. The last time we sent to Mill was the 30 March (Sat) 12 days 2½ bush Corn) [Left margin: Distemper Filly Dead]This morning I did not get out verry early the boys had gone to work. My little sick filly was down & could not get up in the Shop where I was keeping her. I tryed for several hours to git some one or two to help me and failed, at last George Hargroves came & made him take an axe & knock her in the head She might or might not have got well I thought it best not to be troubled any longer with her. She had the distemper or Glanders & I wanted to get clear of her. After it was all over I regretted it verry much, she was verry fine & finely bread, it wraught verry much upon my feeling after she was killed. It is the 1st animal I ever had killed & I think it will be the last.

Sat 13 [Left margin: 1st time Garden plowed] The morning is clearn & more calm the current of are is from the East, a little cool. Jack, Tom, George & Richard with 3 two horse plows commenced after breakfast & broke up the Garden an completely finnished it at 12 oclock. It is verry late but we will plant some things in it & try to make vegatives. [Left margin: All Quit Went to town] All hands quit & went to Town to hear a Negro make a speach [Left margin: Meet Mag] We took down another Joint of Bacon (ham) after dinner — the last was last Monday the 8 Mag went to Town

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Sun 14 / Stuart The wind is in the South East & the Weather moderated. A little cloudy, Wind is tolerable high Our little Bookseller came last night & left after breakfast his name is Stuart. Mag got home at night.

1867 April Mon 15 / Rain & Wind / Self / John Henderson / Rain This morning is quite blustery it rained nearly all night Verry high wind from the South & some Cloudy looks like more rain I am I think some better. I Judge from my hand wrighting My Nearves are more Steady tho I have a sore throat & quite horse no fever rested tolerable well all night this horseness has been on me for 5 or 6 weeks with some irritation & cough in my brest I have a plaster on my breast I have a troublesome cough of nights The boy John Henderson has come to work by the month at $5.00 pr month his step Mother came last Friday & made agreemt at that price but John braught a note from his father Plummer Henderson that his price is $6.50 pr Month. I dont think I will give it It has rained a verry heavy rain today about 12 or 1 oclock Made the ground verry wet John & Felix has been getting Wood It is turning a little cooler Wind is from the West.

Tu 16 / Maguire Cabbage plants Onions / John Black Mare Mr. Maguire sent me 200 York Cabbage plants We set them out this morning & set out some Onions. The boy John Henderson seems to be quite handy & tolerable industrious We started John & the black Mare in the garden to lay off some roes She would not

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[Left margin: Work] Work or pull the plos, after coxing a while we fell out. I knocked her down & beat her there util I was afraid I had done too much took the gears off her, & run her off to the top of the hill. She shant be petted in the yard any longer Wed 17 [Left Margin: Gov Campbells / 2 Rows / 1 Row/ Peas] We planted two rows of peas we got from W. B. Campbell & one the Marifat pea One rowe of Tomato One Rowe of Beets Redishes Lettices &c Peas (Campion of England pea) A late tall variety of excellent flavour Imported from Englad the 2 from the North rowe) The 1st Rowe is thick next the onions Dwarf Blue Imperial Pea, good variety and verry prolifical grows about 2 feet [strikeout]high[/strikeout] and half high planted cucumbers &c [Left margin: Self] I am not worse, not much better 1867 April Thu 18 [Left margin: Etheredge / Candidate / Governor] This Morning is warm and Spring like the Wind is in the East rain in a few days I hear that Etheredge the Member of Congress was nominated for Governor vs Brownlow on the 16th at Nashville We planted some more garden seens & some Sugar Early corn that Gov Campbell sent me & John went to help Richard out Stalks [Left margin: Work] After dinner I went to the Mill (Saw) & rode across to some of the field Where the boys are at Work. The day is verry beauti[Left margin: John] ful for business, they are trying to work,John worked half the [Left margin: Self] day with Richard Self I feel verry weak tho no worse I have retained my flesh wonderfully Fri 19 The morning is verry clam clear & beautifu the Wind has dryed [Left margin: William] the ground wonderfully William left home this morning thought he would go this evening to Mary anns from Town & git back

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[Left margin: John] tomorrow John worked with Richard today. We planted some [Left margin: Self] more things in the garden Self I think my health some Improving I have had a long spell of it Sat 20 The Morning is verry beautiful Clear & Calm William did not get home last night There is nothing much doing on the plan[Left margin: Loneys/ Boys] tation Looneys 2 sons has been in the woods lot shooting yesterday & today I asked them verry politely to stop it & leave they done so. All the work hands quit & went to Town, where there is a Negro parade William B. Stokes made a speach verry [Left margin: Self / Town] insulting to the White quite a very exciting time in Town. After dinner I went to Town the first time for a long time I was verry much disgusted with the proceedings. Mary an & her [Left margin: Mary ann] 2 daughters was in Town She is some better William did not git home last night. None but Sandford has joined the loyal leage yet. Caleb came to me near bed time & wholy denyed having any thing to do with the Unon leage, has not joined it nor never will so declares. [Left margin: Shaved Self] I shaved & put on clean clothes all over & washed my feet & went to town 1867 April Sun 21 This morning is quite warm, calm & clear the air is from the South William did ot get home last night I think his sorrel filly [Left margin: Wm] is going to die, her legs are swelling & the distemper is verry [Left margin: Sorrel Distemper] bad she is getting verry poore. The black Mare is springing to fold The bay Dan rice Mare will have a Colt this Spring [Left margin: Mares] so will Mags poney None others except Williams sorrel Mare [underlined]probably[/underlined]

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[Left margin: Henry (Col)] Henry Wilson (Cold) declared he will never joing the union Leage or vote any way with them. While I was at Town yesterday & W [Left margin: Stokes Speach Candidate for Gov] B Stokes was speaking I cam to the conclusion that fully intends to run for Governor & that Brownlow is sick & will not run probably Staokes Arnold or Jim Beard I think is rivals for the office (We will see) They all sat together with some others garded by the soldiers & the bayonets, While Stokes was abusing the Rebels & there sympaysers Not that they were afraid but that the news might go up to the North to Make Capital against the Southern people. O shame, where is thy blush. [Left margin: Wm] William got home at sun down verry tyired [Left margin: Self] I feel much better this morning I begin to think I will probably recover [Left margin: Apples] We all got a good mess of our limber twig apples today. Mon 22 The Wind is from S.W. & quite warm All hands have gone to [Left margin: Stray Cow] there work There is a stray Cow & Calf in my lott this morning not marked, red & white ) Wed 24 the owner of the Cow come & [Left margin: Martin / Self ] get her. Martin braught his sorrel mare today Self my health is still slowly Improving I am greatly surprised that I have retained my flesh so well. I have been so long uwell, tho I am now in hopes I may once more recover my health, tho I never can get stout again. I have much better use of Myself My cough only troubles me of a morning [Left margin: Sow Pigga Dead] Our old red Piggy Sow was found dead yesterday in the lower end of the orchard She was verry fat & would weigh 250 lbs She was

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