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ask that his Claim be returned and re-examined Signers ) 1 2 3 Signed by S. M. Arnell, James P. Baird, Jerremiah Gilmer, 4 6 6 R. Luther Farris, F. M. Dooley, William Mack, (Revd), C. C. 7 8 9 10 10 Barret, John Baird, Thos Miles, W. T. Almore, W. W. Stockard, 11 12 13 14 A. M. Hughs, Dr. D. A. Davidson, J. H. Gregary, W. T. Brooks, 15 16 J. B. Frerson, Jno A. Campbell, (all Rads) J D Walker ) Accompany the aplication is a letter from Majr Walker as follows

Nashville Sept 22, 1869

N. Porter, Esqr, Columbia.

Dear Sir, I to day mailed to you the aplication that I told

you I wold and on the day after you left here I took time to

asserdain the whereabouts of your claim before wrighting to you

See 10 Oct ) which is the cause of the delay please have the paper mentioned

signed by half dozen or more of your Loyal Men & thin male it

to me it need not be sworn to, but simply signed. When you

male it back to me I wish that you would also male with it the

letter of Controler Blackburn, which you showed me when you

were here please attend to it as early as you can & I will

forward same on

respectfully &c (Signed) J. D. Walker --------------------------------------------- 1869 ( The morning is cloudy calm & looks like rain Sept ) William ( William has gone ( yesterday) (South & West) did not git home Th 23 ) last night I went to Town late Met old Bill Stockard he

treated me verry cooley & I give he understand I knew it ------------------------------------------

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Friday 24

The morning is partially cloudy. William did not git home last night. I went Town. Got several signers to the petition for re-examination of my Government Claim. I got 2 little tin buckets to put milk in 80 cents & 15 lbs of lard $3.75 (25 cents per lb) a bottle of Ink 50 cents, making all $4.05. I settled with Tom McCanless & Anderson Whitty (Col) for making me 200 rales at $1.00 per 100. I paid Anderson $1.00 and Tom $0.50 & credit Tom's Account with $0.50 making pay for the rails $2.00. Hamon came up from Websters & is staying with us tonight Jack & me both got of him one load of Corn today. Caleb got 1 lode of Corn halled out of his field today. [side note=] Lard, 2 tin Buckets, 15 lbs Lard, Ink bottle, all $4.05 [side note=] X : Anderson : Rales [side note=] X : Whitty : $1.00 [side note=] Hamon [side note=] X : Jack [side note=] X : Caley

---------- Saturday 25

The morning is cloudy & raining slowly. The rain is coming form the East. William did not come home last night. he left to go to a sale at Blackwoods in the S.W. of the County on Wednesday the 22d & has not yet returned. I fear there is something wrong with him if he dont come tonight or we get no word we must find his whereabouts. I got of Jack Patton 2 loads of Corn tops & stalks that was no account only for fodder. One of the loads is Jack Pattons & the other mine. put it all in my Crib. Jack has kept two loads to pay for it, & I am to account to him for it. George H. has halled & put in my Crib 560 bundles of foder the half is his. I agree to take his part & pay him $1.50 per

[side note=] William [side note=] Jack P. : fodder &c [side note=] George H. : $4.20 for his fodder

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-333100 bundles Making $4.20. William got home at dark through the rain having been gone 4 days in the Scrap of Lewis County. Town I went to Town done nothing got wet, verry wet, come home in the rain - Rain It has rained nearly all day sometimes verry hard it will raise the Watters.

1869 ) The morning is a little cloudy Wind is changeing to the North Septr ( Sun 26 ) & turning cold. Self My general health for the last week has been about like it has been some times better and wors upon the whole about like I have been for a long time. I am quite weak & feeble. I drink a little coffee of a morning & night & dont agree with me of nights some times keeps me awake but it stimilates me & helps me at the time. Andy $.75 I let Andy have $.75 to pay for his Boots money

Mon 27 The morning is clear calm & cold Some frost The Chancery Cort Frost sits this morning Judge presides J B Pillow's) land sold ) I went to Town a good many people in Town Jerome B. Pillow's for $69.00) pr acre ) land was sold 1st payment 1st January 2d payment next July & the last Jany 1871 With Int. from date. Sold for $69.00 per acre baught by Bethel his son-in-law who lives in Memphis. I have got sufficient of signers to my pittion to

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re-examine my Claim George & ( Preston ) We enlarged our hog pen 200 more rales George & Preston

worked all day at it --------------------------------------------- Tus 28 ) The morning is clear cold calm & frosty I went to Town ( ( Frost ) Little has filed his answer to my bill &c denies &c ) bot Puss ( ( Clary ) Clary a dress $1.25 --------------------------------------------- Wed 29 The morning is clear calm & quite cool

George H. got a Midling of Bacon weighed 11 lbs at .20 Cents George ( $2.20 ) pr lb $2.20

Wm I went to Town after dinner Wm did not git home last night

George H. ) halled a lode of Corn to my hogs out of Caleb & Monk's field Self ( Corn ) George got a load of Corn to feed his hogs & one for me out

of his field --------------------------------------- 1869 ( The morning is clear calm & a little cool Sept ) Th 30 ( Thomas & his little family is this morning starting to move to Sept ) there new bilding they took some things yesterday evening and Thos ) moving ( has there wagon loaded early this morning home ) Thomas has got 2 of the rooms of his house finished & will go

into it with his little family & things this morning. I have

enjoyed myself with them through my affliction verry agreeable

indeed his children has been with me & taken up & satisfyed

with me & with William & it pains me verry much to see them

leave but they are not going far William is pestered at there

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leaving verry much indeed

Thomas since he has been here has been a greate sorce of comfort

to me in my troubles & affections I regret his leaving me verry

much indeed he finished mooving went home before night

William brought back little Leroy who stayed with us all night

I miss Thomas verry much him & his little family

Self I stayed at home all day -------------------------------------------- October ( The morning is clear calm & moderated I went to Town Friday 1st ) Town ( Preston Halled 5 loads of Tops fodder & put it in the Crib Preston ) I will pay Preston for his half I was better all day Preston ) Collar ( Got a Shuck Collar of Preston $.25 $.25 ) -------------------------------------------- Sat Oct 2 ) The morning is Cloudy little wind from E.

I went to Town a greate many Negroes in Town I went to Town Charley ) $1.50 ) got Charley a hat let have $1.50 (I let Andy have $.50) Andy $.50 ) Jack ) halled 2 loads of Grass hay of Jack Patton put in the Crib Patton ) Hay ) Jack got same 2 loads Lawson ) moved to- ( I made a settlement with Sally for Andy's work from the 24 May day to new ) building ( to this day 2 Octr at $5.00 pr month 4 1/3 months making $21.66 & Rich ) moved to ( & I have paid her & Andy during that time - - - - - - - - - - - - - 16.20 the house ) leaving a ballence - $ 5.06 he left ( -------------------------------------------- 1869 ) The morning clear calm & cool October ( Sun 3 ) My General health is about like it was the last week I am verry

Self ( lonesome now Thomas Fanna & the children is gone home to live Thos &c ) tho I see them nearly every day -------------------------------------------

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